4 Reasons Why you should not drive without a shirt (and by doing so you can win a ticket)

Summer days, vacations, heatwave, pool, beach and car trips. These days it is normal that sometimes relax our our attitude at the wheel, to the point of incurring, unsafe wrongdoing, and sometimes even up likely to be punished. Recently we told you why you should never drive with flip flops and today we turn our attention to another very common habit at this time, the driving shirtless. Is it legal? Can I be fined for driving without a shirt? Why should not lead shirtless?

really is more comfortable driving without a shirt that wearing it? Maybe we should start asking ourselves that question.

1. it is less comfortable than it may seem like . A good climate system is already more than enough to allow travel in comfort with the shirt on. One reason that many put forward to considering this habit as unsafe, and makes sense, is that driving without a shirt can suffer discomfort that our body is sticking to the seat (without saying how uncomfortable it can result in skin seats ) and increased sweating even more than if we remain driving with his shirt on. Neither the seat covers or the textile material that is coated belt, are designed to maintain contact with our skin. And that can cause chafing, itching and even wounds, also leaving us a pretty brand, we can annoy and distract while driving.

In these days of so much heat and sun of justice, we must also be aware of some decent brand that can leave us in the chest belt. One of the reasons for launching this article has been cross paths in a few days to several drivers of convertible, driving without a shirt or top. It is a common stamp on coastal and beach areas, but will know that in Madrid, which as everyone knows has no beach, and heat wave, I surprised this scene.

conducir-sin-camiseta-4-1440px 2. This is a problem if we suffer an accident . If you’ve never had a resounding crash, you’re very lucky. If you’ve had, you will not need to tell you that the seat belt can leave a “beautiful” brand, a scandalous marathon chest. At bottom it’s good, it means the retention system has worked and is preferable bear that mark, and some pain for a few weeks, the damage you would have suffered if the restraint system has not exercised its effect. With the new generation of seat belts equipped with pretensioners (the belt is tensioned at the time of the accident to better hold on to the seat and securely hold the body) such damage may be even greater. The problem of an accident shirtless, is that such damage may be even greater for lacerations that may occur in the skin the seat belt, and even the airbag itself.

conducir-sin-camiseta-3-1440px 3. distract other drivers . There is another fundamental reason, we should also bear in mind when driving without a seatbelt, and that can distract other drivers. There is a compelling reason, in most cases, and drivers should not be watching us. And unless we have a good serrano body, or be a lady, drivers should not be distracted to see our naked torso.

conducir-sin-camiseta-1-1440px 4. You can be fined for driving without a shirt (though not common) . Therefore point 3, as mentioned in point 1, driving without a shirt may be subject to sanctions. And we tell you that is not common, and personally do not know if any driver who has been punished for it (although there are drivers on Internet forums acknowledge having ever been punished for this reason). The reason is not the decorum, the same leading many municipalities to establish such bans in their streets. The agents could rely on Article 18 of Chapter 3 of the General Rules of the road, which reads as follows:

Chapter III . Article 18
1. The driver of a vehicle must maintain their own freedom of movement, the required field of vision and permanent attention to driving, to ensure their own safety, the rest of the vehicle occupants and other users pathway. For this purpose, you must take special care to maintain proper position and keep the rest of the passengers, and proper placement of objects or animals transported so there is no interference between the driver and any of them.

We are not aware that DGT nor certain patrols, have extreme vigilance on drivers without shirt. Especially because it is not a serious problem for security, although an aspect that we should consider. And as you can fit in the provisions of this Article 18, the possibility that we may be fined for driving without a shirt (for lead in flip flops) depend on the arbitrary discretion of the agent and he considers our attitude hurts our freedom of movement, attention, or other drivers .

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