4 Series Coupe BMW or Lexus 300h RC: choosing a premium coupe

already know the prices of the new Lexus 300h RC for Spain. Interestingly Lexus had started marketing Lexus RC through their performance based variant, starting with sales RC F , equivalent to M4 Coupe. Now do the same with 300h and wonder … what rival range BMW 4 Series Coupe could face?

Knowing very briefly the Lexus 300h RC

The RC Lexus 300h has a 4-cylinder engine and 2.5 liter together with electrical mechanics develops a total of 223 horses resorting to an automatic transmission E -CVT 7 speed for transmission. As standard equipment, from the most basic version does not need the dual zone climate control, leather upholstery, alloy wheels or the multimedia system with 7-inch screen. Its starting price in Spain is 45,900 euros .

Its equivalent in the range of BMW 4 Series Coupe

While we wait for a new generation Audi A5 Coupe and Mercedes C Class Coupe seek an equivalent price and power in the range of BMW 4 Series Coupe . For now the RC Lexus 300h Hybrid is the only alternative in the segment, so delve between petrol variants.

Priced at 45,450 euros we find the BMW 428i with manual transmission and 245 horses 48,000 euros if we choose access variant with automatic transmission. Below, cheaper than RC Lexus 300h we have a BMW 420i of 184 horses part from 40,450 euros 43,000 euros if we choose the automatic transmission.


Time to choose: 4 Series Coupe BMW or Lexus RC


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