405 HP for the Ford Focus RS HPE400 Hennessey… get more wood!

Ford Focus RS is our compact favorite sports. From that we were able to get your hands on the Circuit of Valencia and the highway, I fell deeply in love with him. To hoping to be able to test it properly once more, I’ll stick with your outstanding fun at the wheel and his sensational mode Drift, as well as the brutal effectiveness of their awd system. In Hennessey Performance Engineering they think that their 350 HP are not enough, so we have developed a pack prestacional called HPE400…

This pack of high-performance elevates the power of the beastly Ford Focus RS up to the 405 HP. 55 HP additional that come aconpañados of a sensational maximum torque: where the standard car develops 470 Nm of torque – which are not few under any circumstances – the Ford Focus RS Hennessey sends to all four wheels no less than 576 Nm. it Is a torque equivalent to a V8’s maximum torque from six liters! How have you gotten this extra power, 30 HP higher than the preparation of official Mountune?

have done So, of course, by using a reprogramming of the electronic engine. But they have not remained in a simple “chipeado”. Have installed a filter of air of high flow and a new section, intermediate in the exhaust with a butterfly valve of electronic control. Nothing more, nothing less. They are simple modifications, a simple appetizer for what Hennessey is preparing for the future. It speaks of more than 500 HP for the compact sports Ford, and performances worthy of a supercar high-flying.

Yes, there is scope for the empowerment. A turbo of a larger size, internal components, forgings, suspension modified, new lines of escape… but at the moment everything available is this lightweight pack HPE400. Their price, installation and tuning included, is 4.995 usd. Whenever you send your car to Texas for installation… and you get to recover it from back – Hennessey has a bad reputation in that aspect, with logistical problems, customers, scammed, and employees are tired.

Source: autoevolution

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