42.716 affected units in Argentina by the dieselgate of Volkswagen

Volkswagen Argentina formally communicated to their customers that there is 42.716 units affected gift the device to cheat that modifies the operation of the TDI engines. Are Amarok, Passat, Golf and Vento.

Volkswagen-TDIPoco to little the global scandal unleashed by the device hidden used by Volkswagen for circumventing controls anti pollutant emissions is affecting all markets. The maneuver was discovered in united States, but the affiliates around the world have begun to notify the affected customers to keep them informed.

That is what has happened with Volkswagen Argentina, who decided to notify the owners of the Amarok, Passat, Tiguan and Vento equipped with the engines EA189 that possess the device to cheat that modifies the operation of the engine to reduce the emission values of nitrogen oxide when it detects that it is located on a test bench.

The list includes a total of 42.716 units, which for the moment have not been called upon to review since it is not yet known if the engines comply with the local rules and the parent has not yet established a plan of action. Anyway the device does not affect the normal operation or safety of the vehicle and a recall bulk of these units will not occur before 2016.

For details and listing of affected units, it is recommended to visit the official website of Volkswagen in Argentina.

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