421 HP for the Volvo XC60 signed by Polestar

Polestar already dares with plug-in hybrids and manages to extract 421 HP to the Volvo XC60. In addition to improved the transmission, to achieve passes marches faster. Is the Volvo more powerful of the story.

Vpowder and Polestar have already announced that from 2019 will be in the focus on alternative energy, saying good bye out of heat engines, to give way to hybrid vehicles and 100% electric.

however, while both Polestar, the division of sports of the Swedish brand, has had a hand to one of the more recent creations of Volvo and has presented a package of tuning for the new XC60, which raises the power of the compact crossover to reach the 421 BHP of power, promising to improve even more the experience of driving.

Under the hood of the XC60 signed by Polestar is located a gasoline engine of four cylinders and 2.0 liters, which is combined with an electric motor, achieving a combined power of 421 HP and a maximum torque of 680 Nm, it becomes the Volvo more powerful of the history.

The new Volvo XC60 2017 debuts in Geneva

in Addition, improvements were made in the transmission, which now can change gears more quickly and efficient, makes better use of the engine torque.

The electric motor has remained unchanged, while the petrol engine received a 14 HP additional. The average consumption approved is 2.1 l/100 km, at the same time its autonomy in so purely electric is 45 kilometres away.

Henrik Fries, Vice president of Research and Development of Polestar, said the company’s goal is to provide an improvement in the performance that is useable in everyday use, while achieving an improved driving experience compared to the conventional model.