469 HP for the last Ford Falcon


Ford Falcon XR8 and XR6-generation (FG)

Is about the end of an era, as Ford will stop manufacturing in Australia, like Holden and Toyota, and there will be no more factories on their ground (for the moment). By way of farewell, the Ford Falcon XR Sprint will bring something more than good performance, as expected a review before the official data.

on the one hand is the Falcon XR6 Sprint, with 442 HP and 576 Nm of force, thanks to a recalibration of the engine turbo 4.0 six-cylinder in-line. It is so tight that it equals in strength the XR8 Sprint, which has a 5.0 V8. Will only be offered with automatic change, with an additional 11,500 AUD with respect to the XR6 normal. The change, cost 34.130 euros, and will go down to 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.

on the other hand is the Falcon XR8 Sprint, with 469 HP and 575 Nm of maximum torque, and it goes limited, it may give even more. With manual shift mode will come out 59.990 AUD, and the automatic will cost 62.190 AUD. By passing it to local currency, leave us 37.233 and 38.599 euros, respectively. Still more beast the Falcon FPV GT F 351, with 650 Nm and 477 HP.


you Will have minor aesthetic modifications, such as badges, Sprint, fog lights, black roof and numbering of the limited series. In addition, there are the enhanced chassis FPV RSPEC with 19″ wheel, or the Brembo brakes (which are usually optional and cost the equivalent of about 2,800 euros) and calipers painted.

In Europe we will not see neither the one, but in their native land may have punches to be done with them. They will be the last car that Ford manufactures for there in 56 years.