4Control: did you know that the rear wheels of the Renault Megane GT also rotate


Have you ever heard of directional rear axles ? This is a very surprising for those who know the system, but really talking about a technology that already premiered in cars with the arrival of Honda Prelude, 1987. That is, not one, not surprising, but interesting new technology , especially a model like the new Renault Megane. Nor is the first time that Renault apply it in their products, in fact 4Control technology was already present in the old Renault Laguna, and the newly introduced Renault Talisman. Yes it is quite new to this technology is applied in a vehicle of the category of the new Megane. And the Renault Megane 2016 GT will have the possibility of equipping technology 4Control . But why do we want to rotate the rear wheels?

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Very simple. A slight twist on the rear axle is more than enough to improve a car’s agility, stability, or even give us the maneuvers . We speak of a turn in a very small angle. The Renault 4Control technology so far only turned the back to 3.5 ° and it seems that the new Megane will provide more spin wheels. Enough so that the car’s handling, in very different situations better.

Renault ensures that – taking the sports court of Mégane GT, which will be the midpoint between the rest of the Mégane range, and the future Megane RS the 4Control system this compact has calibrated by the team of Renault Sport . This will make us understand that pursuing the idea premiering this system in the new Mégane was mostly to improve its dynamism.


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A twist in the opposite direction to the rear axle increases the turning radius in low-speed maneuvers. A turn for the front axle provides stability and enhances agility on twisty roads and fast stretches.

The rotation of the rear wheels can help in two types of situations. The most common is that of maneuvers at low speed , for example by scrolling through tight spaces or parking the car. In this situation, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front. So the car turning radius is significantly reduced, facilitating these maneuvers. And will require less rotation of the wheel to perform a turning maneuver itself, any other Mégane without this technology.

The other situation, the most suitable for sports concept Mégane GT, will be to their driving on very twisty roads . That little twist on the rear axle, in the same direction as the front axle makes the car’s response to our movements with the steering wheel improves, and increases stability at high speed. This technology is particularly effective in rapid changes of direction and emergency situations, such as a dodge.

You have to consider this technology, as we said at the beginning, is not exclusive to Renault, far from it. But it is quite innovative release in a general compact. For put you a very recent example, this technology was used in the latest generation of the Porsche 911 GT3 (991) and Porsche 911 Turbo (991). And with the updating of the Porsche 911 Carrera and Carrera S it has been extended to them.

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