5 basic Tips for your first input in circuit


We’ve gone to the driving courses BMW Driving Experience and we have learned five basic tips when entering the circuit. Roll on track is a whole experience but you should have some basic notions so that the day does not end up between the laments.

driving Posture

it Is very important to sit in our seat the right way. What did you learn in driving school but the day-to-day and the routine would surely have managed to neglect this very important aspect both within and outside of the track.

Sit properly will allow you to feel better to your vehículor and suffer less injury in case of an accident. Therefore we recommend that you consider the following points:


driving Posture: legs and arms slightly bent.

  • Fits well to your hip between the backrest and bench seat
  • Adjust the seat as low as you can (you will feel better the movements of the car)
  • The legs should be slightly bent.
  • Placed properly on the head, that when you look at the front rubbing your head and stays at the same height as her.
  • Adjusts the seat belt
  • Arms slightly bent
  • Adjusts the seat to a distance from the steering wheel that allows you to rest your wrists on the.

Prudence, do not have to rush and learn constantly

If you’re not accustomed to enter on the track you should be especially careful. Review the circuit, look for images of its layout and memorizalo, pay attention to the briefting of the organizers and curators, of course if you have a doubt question.

If there are several groups according to the degree of experience, values enter in the initiating group. You are the protagonist of this day, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

As you complete more laps, increasing your pace, but remember that it is better to go slow and increase the pace as you become familiar with the circuit, come and take a fright. If you do not feel comfortable going faster than you should.

Take the steering wheel correctly

If you have made such a case as we have explained above, if you put your hands on the steering wheel, your arms will be slightly bent, this will allow you to to move the steering wheel rapidly with greater freedom and ease.


¿Curve to the right? Pushes with the left. Never let go of the steering wheel

The steering wheel is not taken or your bottom or top. Let’s put the hands each on one end to gain greater autonomy in making turns without affecting our comfort. How do you take the steering wheel correctly? Imagine that your hands are the needles of a watch, because your left hand put it at 9 and your right at 3. In this way, are spread over its surface.

With this position, for easy turns don’t have to drop any hand off the steering wheel. Always pushing with the opposite hand to the rotation. For example, if a right turn this is holding the steering wheel and with the left push. One should not raise his hands or make a big deal about it.

But what if with this position hands can’t take the money? The thing is complicated, you have to be proactive and anticipate this type of curves.


Never do you the steering wheel and in the case of having to drop a hand to help you make tighter turns, do it in the shortest possible time. Keep both hands on the steering wheel as long as possible, so you’ll be able to better direct the trajectory both in acceleration and in braking.

Look where you want to go

it Is very important that you direct your vision towards your career, look through the mirrors for a long time (although it will be useful in any occasion where they have come from vehicle faster than you) will distract us and we can get out of the track, or cause some accident.

But exactly where I look? the more far away you put the look your perception of the situation will be more, which will allow you to be able to achieve the best in line when dealing with curves.

If you find yourself in a predicament where you find an obstacle close to yours, turn your look to the loopholes, not the obstacle, if not, you chocarás with the.


don’t forget to review the key points of your car

Your car,

are you Going to enter with your own car? It is essential that it is in perfect condition. It is usual to track the demand more than in the street, so if you recommend that it is in the best possible conditions.

that means you need to check the engine oil, the air filter is not clogged, that the dampers work correctly.

Super important: the state of the brakes, brake pads and fluid brake must be controlled as they will be the protagonists of your input circuit. The tires, please, in good condition to the scorching asphalt are going to eat before what you think and if you have a tire with very little life you’re going to bring a shock that can take you direct to the scrapyard. It also reviews the pressures of the same. Do you want more tips?