5 behaviors that reveal that you are a bad driver (First part)

we All believe that we are good drivers, but truly what are we? From time to time we should reflect and ask ourselves this question. Driving involves so many behaviors and actions that it is logical that we incur in errors. Errors that are often due to ignorance, in many other cases to drive carelessly without thinking about how important it is to this activity, and often have fallen into bad habits, that the more you repeat, the more lead us to forget how successfully executes an action when we drive. Driving well does not mean you have the skill to drive fast, but to do it correctly. And these 5 behaviors reveal, undoubtedly, you’re a bad driver.

1. The position of your hands on the steering wheel says a lot about you.

will Likely be one of the first lessons that we all receive in the driving school, and the most basic. Why then we forget so quickly how we have to place our hands on the steering wheel? Although in recent years there have emerged several studies that conminan drivers to rethink slightly the position of their hands, that we have very clear is that our hands have to always be, except when soltemos the right to operate the manual switch, on the steering wheel.

A good driver is not driving with his right hand, while the left rests on the door. A good driver is not driving with his left hand, while the right rests on the gear shift lever (a habit that also can cost breakdowns). A good driver is not driving with one hand on the upper end of the rim of the steering wheel. A good driver does not bring hands together, either in the top or bottom of the ring.

2. Your handling of the steering wheel it says even more about you.

the position of The hands on the steering wheel is very important, it will depend on our ability to perform some maneuvers, or even to respond with agility and safety to some hazardous situations that we will face as we drive. A good driver does not cross your hands while holding the rim of the steering wheel. A good driver does not make the cloth, to handle the steering wheel with the palm of a hand. Are the very basics that every driver should know, and I am convinced that you ever have heard, at least in those times, perhaps distant, in which I was learning to drive.

Catch well the steering wheel is not a task is too complex, in fact a good technique – which moreover is simple – it’s paramount for us to be able to drive our car with agility. And I’m not talking about the agility that is required to go fast, or drive on circuit, but necessary to move on in our daily commute, enter a roundabout, you get to intersections between narrow streets, or look for parking in the parking lot of the supermarket.

I highly recommend that you dedicate two and a half minutes of your life to see the video that we have embedded above, from our colleagues in Cubic Centimeters, to check if you really are doing well.

jon-olsson-audi-rs6-uber-190515-023. Pisa with a lot of energy from the accelerator, and even more on the brake pedal.

Surprise! The pedals of your car are not a button on and off. In normal conditions, because we talk about the street and no tracks, a good driver does not step on power to the brake unless you have to practice emergency braking, or speed to the bottom, and blow, in any situation. In fact, a good conductor of dosing the brake, you know exactly the pedal travel that has to take action to slow down at any time. A good driver could even lead to daily without barely stepping on the brake pedal.

why? Because a good driver knows to anticipate. A good driver recognizes instinctively that a car is going to slow down to turn right, even when we don’t indicates your intention. A good driver is not still accelerating when the fund sees that a traffic light turns amber. A good driver releases the throttle much before making a turn. Etcetera, etcetera…

mal-conductor-024. you need to activate the hand brake, or parking lot, to start on a slope.

Another bad habit, very difficult to correct, by the way, is that of those drivers who have not learned how to maintain the famous point of the clutch of your car. That is to say, drivers who are not able to get out of a steep slope releasing the clutch, and shifting the right foot from the brake to the accelerator, and therefore resort to the hand brake to maneuver them easier, and need only to press the accelerator with your right foot, and drop the clutch with the left.

A driver who at the time that you have to stop your vehicle on a slope, even if it is only an instant, a second, you need to pull the hand brake to resume the march, is not a good conductor. Learn how to keep the point of clutch on our car is simple if we put a minimum interest in it.

The extreme case of a bad driver is the one in which this even comes to avoid the slopes, particularly those that are traffic jams, to not face the time to hold the point of clutch.


5. Revolutionizes too the motor, or is giving jerks as it changes gears too soon.

A good driver knows what is the appropriate regime for your engine. A good driver does not force the engine, revolucionándolo too much, or doing this is to choke and go giving jerks, to save the task of having to push in the clutch and change gear.


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