5 car brands with 5 years (or more) guarantee of series


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When a manufacturer is very, but very sure of the quality of their products, they can afford to offer a warranty far superior to that of their rivals, without incurring the ruin in repair costs incurred. Consumers sometimes appreciate this guarantee a high level as a synonym that can be trusted more than brands with less cache. Kia put legs up the market with its seven-year warranty or 150,000 kilometres, and it has been almost 10 years.

Many manufacturers, generalists and Premium, offer warranty extensions up to five years, above normal, but you have to pay a fee or linked to mandatory special conditions of funding. These marks shall not be the object of our analysis, we are interested in that give that without asking anything more in return, so series like the mirrors external.

yes, in exchange for extending the warranty beyond the legal minimum, the brands will ask us to faithfulness, and the patching and maintenance will be made in the official network or repairers authorized. By law, there is always two years of guarantee without limit of kilometers and no matter who do reviews, as long as you follow the official plan of maintenance. Finally eye!, some brands will not honor the warranty if you sell the car.


Kia – 7 years or 150,000 kilometres

The brand in south korea began offering such a guarantee -industry-leading – models of european manufacturing, but quickly expanded its range. Doesn’t matter if the car is manufactured in Poland, in Slovakia or in Turkey, has seven years of warranty.

The first three years there is no limit of kilometers and also cover the sound system. Cover engine, transmission, electrical system, bodywork, windows, upholstery, suspension, etc., and elements of wear and tear, as can be the clutch, are not included, obviously.

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Hyundai – 5 years unlimited mileage

This manufacturer also offers one of the best warranties on the market, without paying more cover, unlimited mileage (not applicable to taxis or rental cars) for a period of time very reasonable, five years. In that term also has roadside assistance, it is not necessary to employ her in the safe, which is also a savings.

Is an approach slightly different from that of the brand in the same group, Kia, and that can give you even more confidence. For those who run a lot, as 40,000 kilometres or more per year, can be very reassuring, since that means you need about 200,000 miles in five years and that is outside of the coverage of all other brands.

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Mitsubishi – 5 years or 100,000 miles

From January 2015, all models enrolled from Mitsubishi in Spain increased their warranty range of three to five years, up to 100,000 kilometers. Well, not all, the electric i I miev is only covered for three years, is a model very special.

This warranty has a european scope, always and when to take the maintenance log duly stamped, and of course always in official. While in Spain, this brand is marketed through Bergé (not the Mitsubishi) it will not no problem for the client.

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SsangYong – 5 years or 100,000 miles

Another brand in south korea, SsangYong, has pointed at the club of the five years, although not for many, many miles. It includes the cost of repair and labor for manufacturing defects, not for wear items.

During the first two years, irrespective of mileage, is covered with the sound system and the gas of the air conditioning (which is not consumed, it is lost in leaks). It does not include the crickets and noises that come out to the car with time. Is including the whole range from the summer of 2014.

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Suzuki – 5 years warranty or 100,000 km

Another manufacturer oriental that you put the batteries in this sense, it is Suzuki, which has begun offering in the new Positioned, Vitara or S-Cross-a five-year warranty, which will be extending progressively to more models in the range, before the end of the year will be all.

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NOTE: All information refers to the Spanish market (particularly the Peninsula and Balearic islands)