5 cars misunderstood that we like them more now than before

The commercial failure of a car is limited, usually, to a mixture of factors. The cocktail is more explosive form, precisely, when developing a car is innovative, either in substance or in form, which requires a large investment, with a business planning too optimistic, and the fiasco-derived become a misunderstood between potential customers. In the automobile industry we find ourselves with sound failures, relatively recent (see 10 failures commercial most-talked-about). A dud doesn’t mean, necessarily, that it is a bad product. And that is why some of those misunderstood, with the perspective that you have given us the years, we enjoy today even more than in the past. And, behold, 5 perfect examples of cars misunderstood that we love now more than before.

Renault Avantime

I recognize that. The Renault Avantime has something that still follows me seducing. Posts to confess, also I will confess that on occasion I have immersed myself in the portals of cars of occasion in order to probe the market, with a mixture of curiosity professional, and real interest in making a car truly rare, and in some way exclusive. With a tweak here and there, some more black plastic fenders, low and wheel arches, and little more, the Renault Avantime today else would market – or attempt to market – as an exotic crossover.

At the beginning of this century, the segment of fashion was still being in the minivan. And maybe that’s why Renault felt that launching a minivan with three doors, and “ghost coupe”, focus, premium, and even a V6 engine, it would be a great idea. Two years ago, and 8.557 units after the start of production, the Renault Avantime would no longer be manufactured.


Chrysler PT Cruiser

From what we can imagine in Europe, the Chrysler PT Cruiser has been one of the great successes of Chrysler.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a completely different case to the other models that we have reviewed in this list. And it is because, far from what you can imagine, the Chrysler PT Cruiser has been one of the major successes of the more recent history of Chrysler, and is considered as one of the greatest achievements of Bob Lutz on the mark.

We have to remember that the Chrysler PT Cruiser was born with a double objective, the resurgence of the aesthetic retro of the brand, and the offering of a proposed compact, and reasonable, that should fit in the interests of the european customer. Chrysler even managed to make it in Europe, during just one year. The cost of its european production would persuade Chrysler to keep the bulk of the production destined for overseas, outside the united States, in the factory in Toluca, Mexico.

I will Acknowledge that aesthetic today, I continue to fascinate. I even imagine climbed aboard a Chrysler PT Cruiser black, dressed in a suit and hat, with the door open and one leg hanging down, while escaped from an ambush by a rival family, in the purest style of the films that inspired characters such as Al Capone. Unfortunately for Chrysler, the european customer did not understand the meaning of the product, and even less the fact of having too much of the limited space on board for its size, not being able to compete with a true compact, or a compact mpv, and be too large and bulky to be considered as a utilitarian urban.

Although the Chrysler PT Cruiser would even go into a classification of Top Gear, in its list of the worst cars of the last 20 years, this model, which persisted for a decade in dealerships, it would close its production with more than 1.35 million units and become one of the best selling models, and more cost-efficient, Chrysler.


Audi A2

Also I recognize my obsession, almost a fetish, on the other misunderstood, the Audi A2. As the Avantime, the A2 was developed at the end of the nineties, as a result of the rise of the minivan. Audi had dared with a product very different to all their previous models, but not only had he risked in the search for new segments, but also in their achievement. The Audi A2 is a good example of how an excellent product in many ways can fail miserably if your clientele do not understand your technology and, above all, does not consider that this justifies its price.

The Audi A2 was a car remarkably practical for its size, it had the solutions aerodynamic smart, he was a pioneer in the use of aluminum and even more on maximizing the savings of fuel, taking advantage of two qualities, low weight, and aerodynamic drag.

in spite of everything, the Audi A2 was also a product premium and elegant, also primaron a multitude of solutions eminently practical and smart.


Citroen C3 Pluriel

again we are faced with a case in which, certainly, it is difficult to ensure that outside misunderstood. It is a fact that need to go out to the street to verify that the Citroen C3 Pluriel is not, nor much less, a convertible popular in comparison with their peers. But it is also true that the sales of this model were important in its launch, with figures in Europe, and thanks to its success in France, would allow him to overcome some of the convertibles sold in our continent. A success on the other hand fleeting, with sales from its second year at the dealers they sank, until reaching the end of its production.

The Citroën C3 Pluriel was a convertible atypical. And this is perhaps why we like it so much. And it was unusual because, far from offering the system to the roof or hood usual of a cabriolet, resorted to a solution that made of him a car really practical, even spacious in its rear seats (for its format, and size), and versatile.

Citroën had the idea to create a system of retractable hood and a few profiles of ceiling knockdown that allowed you to enjoy it as a tourism sunroof, put the hood into different positions to open more or less to the ceiling, or even dismantle complete the side profiles to get the experience convertible full. On the other hand, the benefit of a trunk lid pivotally, and a cargo space accessible without opening the cover, the Citroën C3 Pluriel was able to function, to practical effects, such as a small pick-up.


Fiat Multipla

Said to my partner David G. Artés, in one of his excellent articles, which the only crime of the Fiat Multipla was to be a car ugly. Beauty is subjective, that is true, but you will be with me in the Fiat Multipla was not in any of the canons that, objectively, we consider it is bounded beauty.

That article, in which my companion exposed for what he regarded as the Fiat Multipla was a great car, it was no joke. It was based on the thesis that a family car has to be, above all, practical. And the Multipla was. What other car could offer in a little more than 4 meters of length to a room as wide, high and comfortable, and even six places you can get there by six adults?

Fiat opted for a concept that is eminently practical, and above the aesthetic, which already is quite surprising in an Italian manufacturer. And the Fiat Multipla today in day continues offering qualities, and a driving style, that we have not been found in any other car. To paraphrase it back to my mate David, it is worth remembering their vast glazed surface, in a time in which fashion imposes on cars with a high waistline, with glazed surfaces are increasingly limited, and as a thank you to it “almost all the other cars seem claustrophobic in comparison.”