5 cars that are worth waiting this 2016

Hyundai IONIQAlready is. We are already in 2016. We are leaving behind a 2015 that has come loaded with developments in the world of motor concerned, a year in which we have also known a good amount of sports. But 2016 promises to be a busy year also, a year in which we will learn some very important models for their brands. We are left with 5 new cars that will arrive in 2016 and promise to give the chime sound.

it Is difficult to dare to decide what to call the attention in the next 12 months, but manufacturers have a schedule of releases that well we do know through progress. None of the 5 cars that I’m going to talk about the we know of, except one that we already have the details, but you will understand why we have included it in the list.

Audi Q2

audi-q1we know Little of the Audi Q2, but just before the end of the year brand of the four hoops, warned of her arrival, she will do it relatively soon. The B-SUV Audi is on its way and will debut in the next Geneva, in march. Complement to A1 in its smallest segment, and will come to do battle with models like the Nissan Juke. At another level clear. It is expected a simple design and high levels of customization. Will come with front-wheel drive but will also be available versions of all-wheel drive quattro. Its marketing could start before the summer.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Precio EspaƱaThis is the only model that we already know. Half. Throughout 2015, Alfa Romeo has shown us the new Giulia, but only the sporty version of QV. The new model, with its versions most in-demand and that will cover the most of the public will be presented in 2016. Its european debut has as its objective the Geneva, there we will meet a Giulia something more demure, and more importantly, his range of engines and their prices. Would the dealers half of the year.

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti ChironThe Bugatti Chiron is the hiperdeportivo more expected. It depends on the future benefits and ostentation, and that we know that will be more powerful, faster and more expensive than the Veyron. Much more. For the moment it seems that some of the keys of design we have, but a surprise would also come from the hand of the Geneva in march of this year. It is expected that the first units reach the end of the year, although there are already more than 100 customers that have booked.

Mercedes E Class

Mercedes Clase E 2016The Mercedes E-Class will be one of the presentations of 2016. One of the most anticipated. Mercedes has given a lot of importance to your vehicle large, that charge of technology to become the reference in its segment. Don’t expect too much because it will be presented in the Salon de Detroit this same January. Update your design and your technology, moving it closer to Class S. Its arrival to the dealers should be made shortly after, in the spring.

Hyundai IONIQ

Hyundai IONIQyou May not know it, but the hyundai brand has advance time and time again. The Hyundai IONIQ should run as a reference technology in the world Hyundai. A premiere of a platform that will allow you to offer a variant-electric, other hybrid, and other hybrid plug-in. The Toyota Prius, which also arrives in 2016, it will be your main objective. We know some of their strokes, and know it will be a global model. Will be in Europe in the Geneva and could reach the market after the summer.

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