5 curiosities of the Mercedes E-Class 2016 that will leave you with your mouth open


The tenth generation of the Mercedes E Class has come loaded with luxury, quality and technology never before seen in the mark of the star. The fabulous saloon German stands out for its countless elements of driver assistance, comfort, security and entertainment, among which stand out some equipment really impressive.

1.- Drivers rear with star dust

In recent years the models of Mercedes have received an exterior design much more modern and thought-provoking, moving away from the classics which he showcased at other times. That’s not to say that it has lost the elegance and in the new E-Class is still fulfilling that premise.

Distinguished and appealing, yes, but also with innovative elements. The best example are the rear light clusters with effect startdust: using some small reflectors in the drivers rear in the design of the torch show a brightness very particular that, according to the brand, “recalls the dust of stars, the Milky Way, or the glow of a jet engine”. Every detail counts.


2.- Steering wheel with touch controls

The tenth generation of the E-Class debuts for the first time a steering wheel with control buttons touch. Each of the two controls sensitive to the touch, is surrounded by four keys with utilities as common as, for example, setting the volume of the audio system or the telephony functions.

touch controls recognize the gestures of sweeping. In this way it is possible to move in an intuitive way through the functions shown in the driving position widescreen, composed by two screens of 12.3 inches: one with the box of instruments, virtual the other with the multimedia system.

3.- With 64 colors of ambient light

To create a cosy atmosphere in the interior, Mercedes offers a ambient light with 64 colors available by an interior lighting system that uses LED technology of low energy consumption. The user can choose the hue you individually according to your preferences.

The ambient light softly illuminates the moldings, the display in the center, the tray slide to front, door handles, interior, pockets in the doors, the space footrest front and rear, the console of the ceiling and the tweeters from the sound system Burmester. In this way it highlights the contours and accentuates the delicious inner lines.


4.- Armrest, heated

saloon Mercedes can enjoy various types of seats depending on the equipment chosen. Thus, it is possible to have multicontour seats with regulations power and memory package, lumbar support with four-way adjustment, electric adjustment of the headrest or massage function.

of course not may be missing the heating and ventilation to create a space pleasant. The manufacturer goes a step beyond and within the package of thermal comfort stands out a striking novelty: the armrest, heated in the front doors and center console. There are no longer excuses for being cold.

5.- Parking with your smartphone

Mercedes continues its journey towards driving autonomous and includes some of these features on the E Class 2016. One of the most striking is the auto pilot to park a distance. The systems of automatic parking garage is limited to controlling the steering while the driver does the rest of operations, but Mercedes has given a twist to this idea.

The system is able to recognize the gaps of parking, once you have selected where and how we want to park in the display of the central console we can direct the operation from outside of the vehicle through a smartphone. The car is in charge of turning the steering wheel, operate the gears, accelerating and braking accordingly. More comfortable impossible.