5 grounds and an advice for which you should buy the SEAT Leon


The Lion has barely changed its design, but it still remains one of the compact more attractive

The SUV’s are winning the battle of sales, but the C-segment, the compact, continues to be of great importance for the brands. In the old continent’s love of the compact models that serve for almost everything. Something difficult to achieve. However in recent years the arrival of asian competitors has opened up the range to more models and possibilities. Spain has its own best seller, the SEAT Leon, the recently it has been renovated and we will give you a few reasons to buy it. There you go.

1. Design

Well it is true that the new Lion does not differ much from the previous one. In fact it’s hard to find the differences, but as the saying: “if any, haylas”. All minors that do not vary at all for the overall design of the best selling Spanish. And here is the first reason for purchase. We are faced with one of the compact most attractive on the market. Asian play his own card with the design, but even so, the Lion calls attention to their style youthful and aggressive, with ribs very marked and details that reinforce the overall concept of the car.

2. Interior

Of tastes there is nothing written, and what you like to one does not have to like another. However we can all agree that the interior of a car should be well manufactured. We ought to feel at ease behind the wheel and in all places, and the new Leon is comfortable wherever you go. And not only for the space that you have, but also by the quality of finishes that surrounds you. SEAT has taken a step ahead in this aspect, cutting the gap separating himself from his “brothers” germans. Another reason to the list.

3. Technology

In the times the technological factor has become one of the main reasons for buying. The more gadgets you have the better. The SEAT Leon has always been accused of not having a lot of technology. Until now. Along with his brother SUV, the SEAT Ateca, is the SEAT better-equipped of the story. And it is only the beginning, because we have already confirmed the arrival of the dashboard digital to the next year. A significant enhancement that is well worth to be the reason of purchase. Don’t you think?


technology is the great incorporation of the restyling. Above all this display of eight-inch

4. Quality-price ratio

As you all know, that SEAT belongs to the Volkswagen Group, and for that reason has always been demeaned with respect to its namesakes; the Volkswagen Golf and the Audi A3. And all for the price, because yes, the three are very similar. However on this occasion the critics of the Lion, it’s going to get complicated, because in terms of quality-price, the Spanish win the battle of the hispano-German. today it is hard to find a car so balanced in this aspect. More taking into account that your starting price is 20.080 euros. For this reason, it is one of the best in the segment, something that is well worth as the reason for buying it.

5. Behavior

I’m Not going to cheat, the engineers and developers of SEAT know how to make cars. The Lion may call the attention of all those looking for a quiet driving as those that seek more dynamism to your day-to-day. Even with the engines most basic of the range we find a car with a dynamic behavior excellent, always accompanied by some consumption amazing. Although, of course, the new SEAT León Cupra, with its 300 horses will delight the more hardcore. The reason for buying definitive.


Behavior, technology, quality premium with a price of a generalist. This is the SEAT Leon

These are just a few of the many reasons that may draw you to the SEAT Leon. But before you say farewell I’ll give you a council and a final reason. The council is that you get rid of all the prejudices that surround the Lion. The car does not make the person. And as for the reason extra; it is Spanish. It is a development that we export abroad with great impact. It is without doubt one of the greatest ambassadors that we have of the Spain brand outside our borders.