5 Ideas (you’ll love) to take advantage of an “airport 10,000 €” such as Ciudad Real

has been one of the comidillas week. Some say that the airport of Ciudad Real is sold for € 10,000. The reality is more complex. Nor it sold, nor derisory offer a company would have the facilities can not succeed. Let us also remember that this complex accumulated hundreds of millions of euros in debt with its creditors. In any case, the auction continues through the airport. Making facilities how are you viable, and enjoy flights, which ultimately is the goal for which it was created, it seems very complicated. And that’s where our perverse mind petrolhead start planning crazy ideas that make us imagine an airport in cars replace the aircraft. What five ideas we happen to get an airport like Ciudad Real?

Top Gear was already at the airport of Ciudad Real on their journey through Spanish lands in convertible supercars.

1. Filming the new “Top Gear” Clarkson, May and Hammond . While Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond seeking work and plan the expected program that will meet after leaving Top Gear, airfields and airports of Ciudad Real opens up a whole range of possibilities. Indeed, Top Gear was filming at an aerodrome, the Dunsfold, on which the famous Top Gear track (where Stig times with sports brand that pass through his hands) was designed. Those old installations, engineering and defense, also took the opportunity to install the study in which the program is rolled. Recordádselo my partner Pepe Gimenez, who tested the McLaren there MP4 [1.99901 million] 12C in 2012.

For Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond would be no new work in Ciudad Real, in fact last year they surprised us with a report on this circuit, in which Clarkson reached 319 km / h in a McLaren MP4 [1.99901 million] 12C Spider.

ideas-aeropuerto-ciudad-real-mdm-4 2. Skimming 300 km / h testing a sports . It’s a real shame to see how he finished Ciudad Real airport. Remember that enjoys one of the longest ski landing Europe. With a length of over four kilometers and 60 meters wide, the runway of the airport of Ciudad Real allows landing a colossus of the skies as the Airbus A380 [1.99901 million]. I can think of few safer places in which to test the top speed of a sports car. I bear witness that there is so much width, margins of the track from the car practically not going to see.

Without going any further, we’ve already done. In 2012 we tested a Lexus right there LFA [1.99901 million]. Not reach its 325 km / h top, but we were near 300 km / h, which for a server, and the maximum speed is reached in a car.

ideas-aeropuerto-ciudad-real-3-1440px 3. make it the basis of a supercar manufacturer . That waste of space, enough to reach impossible speeds in virtually any other circuit (except specific test circuits, as Nardo), amplitude seems ideal for developing and manufacturing the fastest sports in the world. It is not anything crazy, Koenigsegg settled near the airport Ängelholm, its factory and development centers are in the hangars themselves, they use an old track military use for your tests and your customers can reach the factory in your own private jet . In 2012 we were also there and I told Daniel Seijo in this report.

ideas-aeropuerto-ciudad-real-2-1440px 4. Organize drag racing drag races . In Spain there is not much passion for this type of testing, at least when compared to countries like the United States. In any case, aerodromes and airports are perfect for testing acceleration, which in this case could go far beyond the famous quarter mile instead. In Ciudad Real left over space to organize even several drag races simultaneously. In the United States it is common to use airfields for such careers. Although, on second thought, in the United States they are even capable of acceleration and speed racing in desert areas like the Bonneville Salt Flats. The airport of Ciudad Real, when compared to the latter, would remain very short. Recall that in Bonneville compete on routes of more than ten miles in a straight line.

ideas-aeropuerto-ciudad-real-1-1440px 5. make it a real circuit, permanent or semi-permanent . It would not be the first case of international racing circuit in which share land sports competition with aircraft. A good example is that of Sebring in Florida. In any case the requirements of a circuit that shares facilities with an airport are too specific. And on the other hand, the profitability that could get as speed circuit hardly serve to convince an investor that this idea is better than using it as an airport.

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