5 Keys to choose the Subaru Outback if you are looking for an adventurous family

In 2014, the Hall of New York as a backdrop, Subaru presented us a new generation of Subaru Outback to start about a year after its marketing in Spain. Today, we recover the Subaru Outback cover to give you a good list of reasons why the Subaru Outback is an excellent choice for those wanting more than just a premium car family court .

A very different design:

The first generation of Subaru Outback was introduced in 1995, now we are in the fifth generation.

Speaking of design always involves an important subjective cargo, in the case of the conditioning Subaru also enjoys being a firm’s “indie” premium than other alternatives that could meet this Subaru Outback. Certainly the design of the Subaru Outback is quite different from the rest of family alternatives , you camperizadas or not, the premium segment of alternative Audi, BMW and Mercedes focusing on one aspect that stays in a certain way as a next SUV .

His vocation offroad, adventurous, is very present, in detail, in its constitution , a point that can play very in your favor when you consider fever SUV that invades us for years.

A spacious and dignified face inside the premium

The undeniable Subaru design of its exterior, with perfectly recognizable features and rough details flavoring their ability offroad give way to open the door to a cabin with a good looks, trims, accessories and materials . A set that stresses from the first second its premium condition and is also accompanied by a large space both in the front seats and in the rear. good height, good width, good load capacity and storage compartments .

We can mention riskier designs in the competition. Boasts more luxurious in certain cases or greater load of innovation in others, but the Subaru Outback delights us with an excellent compromise, with an intuitive and clear layout of controls and an important development in relation to the provision its multimedia system all paired with a good sense of strength.


Boasting offroad skills:

This new generation has been improved chassis rigidity and isolation in addition to the calibration of suspension and steering. In practice we encounter a smoother running.

We can find virtues in their exterior design, finish details of the interior … but certainly the Subaru Otuback main advantage lies in its ability to meet our demands off-road .

On the one hand enjoys a sobrelevada body , on the other unpainted moldings and protections covering the lower parts of the body and of course, above all, it has the permanent four wheel drive system Symmetrical AWD .

This AWD is, without hesitation, its main advantage, so if you are a regular off-road, if you live in areas where the weather is common, it is a perfect choice among family to value.

The Outback has in fact a way that dubbed X-Mode and operated via a button on the central bridge, configures the entire face of a vehicle driving away from a good firm , adapting the transmission, all-wheel drive and even activating the descent control. To cap as standard features mixed tires .

We have tested gravel roads, however broken areas, steep slopes … and it is a marvel.

The security system EyeSight:

One of the key elements of this new generation of Subaru Outback lies in the system EyeSight system using two cameras that identifies everything that happens in front of our car to offer a range of security system and driving assistance passing a collision braking system, a system of adaptive cruise control system or a lane departure warning.

On its price, equipment …

1440_nuevo_Subaru_Outback_2015_DM_46 But what happens to your money? Do you have a good level of equipment?

The Subaru Outback has two mechanical alternatives, diesel and gasoline, also adding a third combination in which the gasoline engine conforms to GLP from the brand itself. Alongside these engines we have the possibility of using three trim levels being made of the range as follows:

Model Price
Outback Sport Diesel 150 hp Manual 29,900 euros
Executive Outback Diesel 150 hp Manual 33,100 euros
Outback Diesel 150 hp Executive Lineartronic 35,200 euros
Outback Diesel 150 hp Executive Plus Lineartronic 36,900 euros
Outback Sport 175 hp Gasoline Lineartronic 31,900 euros
Executive 175 hp Gasoline Outback Lineartronic 35,200 euros
Outback Executive Plus Petrol 175 hp Lineartronic 36,900 euros

From the Sport trim, the finish of access we are already an allocation of considerable equipment. In detail, the contents of each equipment is as follows:

  • Sport Optical LED , alloy wheels 17-inch, rear view camera, climate control, leather multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, power driver seat, heated front seats Heated, light and rain sensors, sound system with CD / MP3, 2 shots USB , bluetooth, voice recognition and thermal and electric folding mirrors.
  • Executive regarding the Sport trim adds the infotainment sitema browser, tinted glass, power sunroof, intelligent access and starting, with pin code access and automatic tailgate
  • .

  • Executive Lineartronic: with the operating system adds Eyesigh
  • .

  • Executive Plus Lineartronic: leather seats with memory function in the case of the driver and adjustable to 8 positions in the case of passenger
  • .

His family camperizado condition with very good offroad capabilities allows us to assess the Subaru Outback as an alternative to certain SUV besides direct competitors. Such as more direct alternatives we can think of Volvo XC70 with a starting price of 42,200 euros or the new Volkswagen Passat Alltrack , whose price has not It has been announced. The A6 Allroad has a similar concept but is priced at 63,835 euros, the new generation of Audi A4 Allroad version has not yet announced.

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