5 Kg. more muscle to tame the F1 2017


All the pilots highlighted that the new cars that we will see this year will be much more demanding than the previous ones, especially at the physical level. To deal with it prepares one of the younger riders of the grill, Esteban Ocon, which this year will compete with Force India.

Different advertising commitments and briefings at the headquarters of Force India will have prevented Ocon start the physical preparation of the optimum way, so that now the French have upped the intensity of its preparedness plan to compensate. “I could Not start my physical preparation seriously after the holidays, it is very late in comparison with the usual. I do sports five days a week, cardio, weight training, running, on a machine because there is less risk of trauma that running down a dirt road-… I have to work twice as hard to be in perfect conditions for the first test at the end of February in Barcelona. I gain about 5 pounds of muscle”, said in a statement to AutoHebdo.


The French rider, who in 2016, made his debut in Formula 1 at the hand of Manor in the last nine races, has assumed that all pilots will suffer in the pre-season test, until their bodies adjust to the increased G-forces in cornering and braking. “With the cars that will be four or five seconds per lap faster than in 2016, it will be terrible for the drivers. We talk long and hard among us in the last Grand Prix. We are all expected to suffer in the first test”.

Due to the increase of muscle mass, the pilots will gain some weight, something that can compensate in part with the increase of the minimum weight of the cars for this year, which has gone up from 702 to 722 kilograms.