5 marks reported for misleading advertising: does deceive Us with the attendees of parking?

The automotive industry is facing a new complaint, for alleged deception to the consumer. In this case it has been the Consumers Union of the Comunitat Valenciana (UCCV) which has alerted, and reported to the Secretary of Self-control of Advertising by following the channels official, what according to them is a clear case of misleading advertising. The valencian association believes that the manufacturers are inducing to error, the does not present with clarity the operation of their attendees parking in the advertising, so that the client can consider, wrongly, that these wizards allow the parking lot unattended, without intervention of the driver. Is it reasonable to this complaint? Is there any truth in the advertising of the attendees parking?

The marks reported by its advertisement of parking systems automated are Volvo, Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot and Opel.

When it comes to selling cars to a public very extensive, the bulk of the car buyers in our country, aspects such as good sportsmanship or benefits have ceased to be effective for attracting a client. technology, and functions a priori as alien as the parking is automated, are the aspects that attract customers to. The technology of automation of the car park takes a lot of time on the market, but it is still surprising to many that a car is able to overcome what for many is an arduous task and uncomfortable, to maneuver in order to park our car.

The problem reported by the UCCV would be precisely in that these ads are often not correctly explain the procedure. And with the excuse of the conciseness that requires advertising space, only reflect the fact that the car park completely alone, without need for the driver to intervene at any time.

The advertising omitted, usually, the driver has to signal the maneuver, control the throttle and the brake, and the gearbox.

Obviously, the attendance and parking are not able, yet, to avoid the intervention of the driver. The UCCV complaint that the advertising of Volvo, Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot and Opel gives to understand the consumer, through the images, script, and text, this system fully replaces the driver in the maneuvers necessary to perform the parking.

In reality, the driver remains responsible for steering maneuvers such as signal your intention with the turn signals, changing gears, braking, accelerating, and lock the parking brake. Maneuvers that are rarely represented in advertising, which generally presents us with what is most surprising to many customers, to a conductor by touching the palms or hands off the steering wheel, totally carefree, and a steering wheel turning automatically to make the car perfectly aligned in your parking space.

May result in an excessive rigour of the complaint, that is true. And we do not know the specific ads that have led to the denunciation of the UCCV. What is clear is that it is very difficult to find a whole series of advertisements of parking systems in which, effectively, is omitted part of the truth in regard to the operation of these wizards.

Ford and Peugeot have agreed to withdraw the ad.

that being Said, we would be in the discussion of that swampy ground in which resolves normally, the expression known as fiction in advertising. The same that is typically used in the ads of toys that fill the tv these days, to remember with a message, by way of small print, that for “the dolls of famous” reach the Portal, or he-Man fight Skeletor, it is necessary that the child, or their parents, moved to the dolls in question.

Of time, Ford and Peugeot have admitted to remove its ad, while Opel and Volkswagen have objected to the complaint, pending the resolution of Self-control. Volvo still would not have an opinion.

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