5 obstacles you’ll find to buy a car petrol

Are you going to buy a car with gasoline engine and is not a sport? To begin, you must put up with some friends and family telling you that “it’s crazy” that his turbodiesel spend 5 l / 100 km and that does not give you any problems. “And that will do almost 10,000 kilometers per year” . The boom TDI back in the beginning of the last decade has not ceased. The mechanical diesel occupied since roughly between 65% and 70% of passenger car sales The diesel fuel was due to a mix of fashion, the rise of large vehicles. – SUVs and minivans – A tax system that favors them and bad customer information as well we see in the recent article by my colleague Sergio Alvarez


These are the obstacles that probably you will find if you decide to go against the market and buy a gasoline car.


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1. The range is much smaller

The market rules and trademarks suit him. Several years have passed for brands to invest in improving the performance of its mechanical gasoline. Still, if you want a generalist saloon petrol engine is likely to have less power options to choose from.

The market rules but the decision to purchase must be totally objective.

A clear example is the Peugeot 508, with only one power supply in gasoline – 156 CV – about four diesel. It is true that we already talked about a car with large but if the customer makes 8,000 kilometers possible mostly by motorway and not amortized or medium term difference 1,400 € plus extras maintenance and insurance costs HDi 150 diesel CV equal equipment


2. Support to business that want to sell a diesel

Of course can not generalize and is an aspect that is improving but still finding car dealers do not advise about customer needs but the stock model that interests you. As discussed in the last obstacle, if the market wants diesel majority stock is diesel .

No, it’s not a hoax. They will try to convince with real virtues of cars running on diesel: less consumption and less than equivalent gasoline depreciation. But what about the money it costs more? What if the restrictions on entering the center of big cities come true? It is not demagoguery, it can happen.


3. It is difficult for you to test drive the car you want with petrol engine

always recommend test the car in which one is interested to avoid further surprises . It is a major purchase, and although the dynamic tests are brief, may be enough to tip the balance to one side or another.

If 7 out of every 10 people who come through the door of a dealer interested in buying a diesel engine, it is logical that the test cars with the same engine. Ideally were available at least one vehicle in each engine of the range but it is something that dealers are economically unviable, especially in these times when profit margins are so low.


4. Price, in some cases higher than the same model in gasoline

In some cases, because of special editions with much equipment or settlement specials stock, I will leave a more expensive gasoline – equal equipment. – A diesel

is tempting than a diesel version costs less than gasoline. It may be a good choice [1.99902 million]

For example, the BMW 3 Series prior to the recent restyling has experienced. The diesel versions had special editions of equipment remaining at a very attractive price, gasoline, no. In equal equipment, An 316i 136 hp gasoline left almost 3,000 € more than 143 hp 318d .

In these cases, unless you do not like driving a diesel-powered engine, it is economically advisable option. The depreciation of a diesel model is very inferior to gasoline so, tastes aside, it is a smart purchase.


5. No stock, have to wait

As said earlier, sends the market . Dealers risk their money by ordering factory units and have them available for immediate delivery. If the market demands such as diesel-powered compact black and white, or silver, these will be the ones in stock.

If your needs and tastes you’ve chosen a gasoline car and have overcome the first four obstacles, congratulations and patience. The factory order usually takes about three months but is much better to wait for a successful rush to purchase brand new car as soon as possible.

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