5 reasons to fall in love with the new McLaren 675LT Spider: 675 HP, around 1270 kilograms, and convertible!

After leak, in all its splendor, the McLaren 675LT Spider was officially presented as one of the sports most radical of McLaren. A beast that we can summarize in 675 HP to around 1270 kilograms, a relationship between power and weight really favorable for a sport with the focus placed on the circuits. His rank of LT, in addition, has history. We are in the second Longtail McLaren, along with the McLaren 675LT, is an exercise in aerodynamic that will be reserved for 500 units. But what what 5 reasons have made us fall in love with the McLaren 675LT Spider?

Only there will be 500 in the world, which will add to the 500 already awarded its counterpart coupe.

1. Excellent power / weight ratio. With 675 HP to 1.270 kg we have no doubt that we are before one of the McLaren faster and more powerful at the time. Born from the base of the 650S Spider, the 675LT Spider has lost 100 kilograms, in turn increasing the power of the famous 3.8-liter V8 McLaren. As a result, we have a supercar capable of doing 0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds and reach the 200 km/h from standstill in around 8.1 seconds (only wins two tenths with respect to the coupe).

Reaches 326 km/h, with a turbocharged engine that develops 675 HP at 7.100 rpm and 700 Nm between 5,000 and 6,500 rpm. According to McLaren, the 50% of the components of the engine 3.8 V8 twin-turbo, present in the least of the brethren is new bill.


2. Because it is a convertible. Accustomed to these versions as radical, with a tuning circuit, to focus on the body type coupe, the McLaren 675LT Spider surprises us by extending the possibilities of the range convertible McLaren. All in all, this car has a hardtop stowable in three pieces that can be opened and closed in motion, at speeds up to 30 km/h.


3. Because it is Longtail. Anyone who knows the history of McLaren will know how important the meaning of the acronyms LT, Longtail. Back in the nineties, the McLaren F1 us amazed with one of its most radical versions, and sports, the Longtail, lightened, and fitted with a long tail to improve the aerodynamics. The 675LT Spider, after your reduced-calorie diet, it has saved 100 kilograms and weighs only 40 kilograms more than his brother, the 675LT Coupe.

McLaren speaks of a 40% more downforce on the 650S Spider at high speed. A figure which, by the way, is of no use if we do not know what speed you get that downforce, thanks to details such as the huge rear spoiler.


4. Because there will only be other 499 McLaren 675LT Spider like yours in the world. McLaren has willed that this model is marketed in a limited run of 500 units. The roll is exactly the same as that offered on the McLaren 675LT-body coupe, and that by the way would have already been exhausted. The Spider can be a second chance to be with a Mclaren very special, that will start in the 285.450 pounds in Uk (about 400,000€ at the current exchange rate).


5. Because it is really photogenic. You will not be the slightest doubt, the McLaren 675LT Spider twisted necks. And thanks to its convertible roof, you can listen to how the people die of envy to see you pass on it. Beyond the paraphernalia aerodynamics that covers your body, this model will feature light-alloy wheels 20”, the palette of colors already offered by the McLaren 675LT, a new color exclusive to this model, called the Solis, in a bright yellow especially eye catching.

Source: McLaren
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