5 reasons to love the Mercedes G 500 4×42


The only unity that there is in Spain of the mammoth Mercedes G 500 4×42 is in the hands of Mercedes-Benz Madrid, the largest network of dealerships of the group Daimler in our country. After seeing this G-Class so special for the first time at the Geneva motor show, we couldn’t pass the opportunity of more in-depth understanding one of the suvs most impressive of the story.

headquarters Mercedes-Benz Madrid Barajas (C/ Alcalá, 728), the largest of the seven centres that make up Mercedes-Benz Madrid, and an institution for the mark of the star, has opened the doors of their facilities to admire it in all its glory. Find a suitable space for this G-Class superlative is already quite a challenge and for the occasion the venue chosen was one of the box of the renovated area of the workshop, the first step of a remodel with which this center aspires to become one of the references between the concessions of the group Daimler in Europe.

It’s a vehicle that imposes on from all angles. The titanic Mercedes G 500 4×42 is no, doubt, one of the cars most spectacular manufactured by the German brand. Derives from the no less formidable Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 and, although the Class G of all three axes can be more extreme, the G 500 4×4 to the square is that it robs us of the heart.

it Is true that the 6×6 is signed by AMG, but it is perhaps too extravagant and is supposed to have card C truck. The 4×42 is the best choice when setting up our garage ideal -it costs nothing to dream – because your image is still just as shocking but it is more compact and lightweight in relative terms, which allows it to boast of better skills offroad are Not clear to you? Here are five reasons to love the Mercedes G 500 4×42 that you will be convincing:


1.- It is impossible to pass unnoticed

This colossus on wheels is not suitable for people shy, discretion is not going with him. His presence is felt from very far away, standing out among the traffic because it is big. Very large. Huge. The measures of the model Mercedes-Benz will impress, starting with its 2.25 meters in height. In addition, the body is 30 inches wider than a G-Class normal with a few bulging wheel arches are painted in effect carbon fiber gloss black, so that the width reaches up to 2.10 meters.

¿do you Think that in spite of everything will not attract so much attention? The dazzling paint in bright yellow High Gloss Electric Beam with which is clothed the body of this unit makes it possible to distinguish it from miles away. Yes, in spite of the transformation of the aesthetics, the G 500 4×42 continues to be recognized as a G Class, the off-road flagship of Mercedes-Benz, and that we also like.


2.- Sporting heart

A vehicle as new as it could not comply with a propellant vulgar. Under the hood of the G 500 4×42 inhabits one of the mechanics more salient made by the German brand in recent years. This is the gasoline engine V8 biturbo 4.0-liter derived from the one used by the Mercedes-AMG GT, the great sport of Daimler. Like this, the turbochargers are located inside of both banks of cylinders to be more compact. A work of engineering art.

This engine delivery 422 CV and a no less astonishing maximum torque of 610 Nm, figures which give this suv a dynamic and unsuspected To those who love the strong emotions this mass of nearly three tonnes is capable of reaching 210 km/h! Another of its advantages is that it always accompanies us in the provocative purr that emanates from the exhaust side dual polished stainless steel, turned in a stunning roar when you step on the throttle.


3.- It is absolutely unstoppable

In a market plagued with decaffeinated models of the SUV, the G Class is an off-road vehicle of truth in danger of extinction. His virtues, far from the asphalt are exemplary, but are multiplied, it is squared, with the G 500 4×42. This beast of a yellow color can overcome any obstacle, crush it or cross it. Does not stop at nothing. The ground clearance is 450 mm, more than double that of any other off-road conventional. The main responsible of this feature are the axes gantry, a few of eccentric shafts that are not aligned with the center of the wheel but located at a greater height.

wheels, 22-inch shod with huge tires Pirelli Scorpion ATR 325/55 R22 circulate unperturbed on sand, stones, mud and even face-to-water streams because the wading capacity reaches the deep underground. With a view as high, the driver has a domain of the total environment. Don’t forget the exclusive suspension-adaptive composed by eight shocks and eight piers and the effective system of all-wheel drive permanent with reductive and three locks mechanical for the differential.


4.- Allure of luxury reflected

despite their rough appearance, the interior surprises us with an exquisite refinement own of the best sedans of representation. To check the toll that you pay is to demonstrate our agility: with the estribera located half a meter from the ground, to get inside is to climb as we seek the look of a handle to which a hand.

The high quality of Mercedes-Benz note in every detail. The contour of the seats, the headrests, the steering wheel, the knob of the gear lever, the dashboard, the central console and the door armrest are upholstered in black leather with contrasting stitching in yellow. For the surfaces of the seats, the door panels and the roof is resorted to padded microfiber with a quilted diamond pattern. The extraordinary atmosphere is complete with several mouldings, with effect carbon fiber gloss black.


5.- Exclusivity assured

The massive Mercedes G 500 4×42 is produced on a very limited basis and their main customers are located in the middle East. That’s why the odds of encountering a drive down the street in our country tend to zero. To be an authentic rara avis is part of the charm of this strong off-road and, without doubt, its uniqueness and differentiation power is an additional reason that makes it even more desirable.

Obviously, being one of the cars most ridiculously amazing that you can buy, the 4×4 squared is not within the reach of any economy. Your maintenance can reach figures of obscene and your buy price is 275.550 euros, more than double that of a G 500 conventional. Although the standard equipment is very complete, some elements of customization can increase the final invoice as, for example, painting High Gloss Electric Beam that costs more than 26.000 euros!