5 reasons why you should consider the purchase of an #SUV

AT the time of purchasing a car we tackled a question that complicates our decision. Such is the variety of models and brands that the choice in place of be easy can be quite the opposite. However the SUV was presented as one of the main alternatives. A segment that does little more than a decade do not even exist.


Recently Audi has ushered in the smallest segment of the SUV with the Q2

The acronym SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) introduce us to a world different to the usual. Its characteristic feature is the height, but this detail is added to another type of attractive qualities. If you are still unsure, or do not have a clear choice on what car to buy, here we bring to you five reasons why you’ll want to do it with an SUV.

Space and amplitude

despite the fact that there are all kinds of sizes, SUVS are usually presented in a housing, and a space larger than the models we derived. Their greater height allows them to generate an amplitude which is difficult to match, whether in the smallest of the range as the largest of the same. This in turn allows them to have a greater cargo space, something essential for families.


For tastes there is nothing written, but if there is something they have in common all the SUV’s on the market is the design of robustness. The manufacturers were printed on this character so that show a different style to what we are used to. Even in the most urban, the design blunt is part of the DNA of a good SUV. One of the strong points of the segment, no doubt.


the arrival of The Nissan Qashqai changed everything. The precursor of a fad is very visible today


forget about the old belief that an SUV is more spartan than a sedan or a compact. Such is the importance of this segment who are they now incorporate the latest advances in technology. today, the SUVS feature a number of devices that include a multitude of systems and assistants, many of them focused on safety. A good example of what we say is with the new SEAT Ateca.



Breaking more myths there are that follow driving. The first SUV had a driving will be different to what we had been accustomed. However, they have gained refinement. So much so that today presented a dynamic like a compact, a suv or a saloon. So much so that they begin to appear the first hybrid models, as is the case of the new Kia Niro, which we have already tested.


Is the great strength and the great quality of the SUV. The greatest free height with respect to the ground allows them to go into terrain where it would be impossible to do so with a conventional car. Although many of the present systems of front-wheel drive, are still more capable than a saloon, even if it is field what you want the manufacturers have variants 4×4 in all of your SUV.


The Volkswagen Tiguan, which was renovated recently, it is one of the leaders of sales

we Could go on giving reasons why you should consider the purchase of an SUV, but it is best that you discover for yourself. Thanks to the wide range of models, frames, sizes and versions, there’s an SUV for every type of customer. Search, compare and stay with the one that best suits your taste.