5 rivals to the Fiat Type


¿What we mean by C-segment sedan? Are passenger cars with four or five doors, around 4.5 metres long. The Fiat Type measures 4,53 meters and has a boot capacity of 520 litres. Let’s see what are the rivals closer in approach.

Excluding the Premium models and that further they move away in price, we have five rivals clear to the Fiat Type. Are discarded sedans more economic as Dacia Logan or Lada Granta, competitive in terms of luggage space, but not of habitability.

is Not a segment of the hugely popular, it was more usual a few years ago, but tastes have changed and the three volumes was most noticeable in the top ranges. The Spanish prefer the compact five-door, the crossover and the family. Without further ado, these are the rivals of the Fiat Type:

NOTE: All prices are “from”, that is to say, the minimum that offer the brand, subject to conditions such as finance or Plan PIVE.


Citroën C-Elysée

This sedan has an approach that is humble, a relative platform of the Peugeot 301, which is not sold in our country. Measured 4,43 meters long, and their luggage cubes 506 litres. The offer mechanics consists of two petrol engines (Puretech 82 HP and VTi 115 HP) and a diesel BlueHDi 100).

Its price hook is 9.150 euros with the engine of 82 HP and finish Exclusive. Italian wins in equipment by details such as the third head restraints, central depth adjustment of the direction, or the multimedia system with color screen. In addition, the engine Puretech is three cylinders and delivers less power than the Type 1.4.


Hyundai Elantra

The alternative south Korean has a size very similar to the Type, 4,55 meters long, with a trunk less usable, 485 litres. It also has another constraint of importance, is only available with the engine 1.6 GDi petrol 135 HP. Eye, is the imminent arrival of a substitute, as presented in South Korea (Avante).

The price is a bit high, since 14.290 euros, although there is that keep in mind the difference in power. Would be equivalent to the Type 1.6 MultiJet, which will offer 15,600 euros. Equipment are more evenly matched, but has a five-year warranty against four of the Italian.


Opel Astra Sedan

We are in the bigger car of the comparative with 4,66 meters, but with the trunk smaller, 460 liters. It is the most expensive option to value, but to level of quality worth the extra costs. The only motorization of the equivalent Type, the 1.6 CDTi 110 HP, petrol are more powerful.

The price starts at 16.400 euros engine 1.4 Turbo 140 HP, and is not better equipped than the Fiat Type. Why pay the difference? Of all the models tested, has a rear suspension more sophisticated and a touch more similar to a car top range. On the other hand, their engines don’t glow as much in benefits to be significantly heavier than the models discussed.


Renault Fluence

Another model that is already large, 4,62 metres, but justifies it with a trunk large enough, with 530 litres. It’s like the Renault Mégane in third generation, but with the third volume. Qualitatively speaking is a step above the Type, but it is a small distance.

The French is offered with a price from 14.200 euros – finish Limited (and well equipped), very competitive in front of the Astra, but not so much in front of the Type. In diesel engines has equivalent clear Type, but in petrol the only engine is 110 HP.


SEAT Toledo / Skoda Rapid

Without being longer than the Type, 4,49 m, they have the best boot in the segment, with 550 litres. It is not surprising the success they have had in the taxi sector. Have been raised as entry-level cars, the interior materials are not soft nor do they have the same look as in the Type.

The supply mechanics are very equivalent to that of the Fiat, but more rich, with three petrol engines (1.2 TSI 90/110 HP and 1.4 TSI 125 HP) and two diesel (1.4 TDI 90 HP and 1.6 TDI 115 HP). In addition, opt to automatic change in the engines 1.4 TSI/TDI. The differences between the Toledo and the Rapid are fundamentally aesthetic. The Toledo boot in 12.400 euros, and the Rapid 12,100 euros, both with the TSI 90 HP.

¿which would you choose of all?