5 sports that you could buy if you tap the big Lottery

Tomorrow is the traditional draw of the Christmas Lottery, and will split a total of 24.4 million euros in prizes. The question is not what we compraríamos with the prize, if not what cars we compraríamos. You’re in motor the end. This year the prizes are identical to the past, that is to say, that the winner of the Fat will be 320.500 euros, prior bite of the Treasury. We have prepared a list with the cars that would occupy our garage if we are the happy winners of the prizes of the National Lottery.

We have been hit with the Fat man: 320.500 euros

The amount has already deducted the part that is Finance, a 20% on the total amount.

If I play the el Gordo Lottery could buy me many supercars of today, but would still not be able to aspire to that Pantheon inhabited by the Koenigsegg or the Bugatti. I would have to opt for a machine more sensible, within the aura of an irrational that has the purchase of a supercar. Although not what could keep – we have already spoken of what they cost supercars – possibly opt for a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. For various reasons that then I am going to expose.


In the first place, my theory personal that will be the last Ferrari created the old fashioned way. That is to say, with a motor V12 maximum torque in position front longitudinal. Nothing electrical pylons or turbos, just an engine of 6.3 liters that is capable of spinning to almost 9,000 rpm and develop 740 HP of furious power. That is transmitted only to the rear axle, incidentally. A car in clear danger of extinction, that is as comfortable on a long freeway trip as a track-day at the circuit of Spa.

Costs 311.500 € , so that the 9,000 euros, which I left over I can spend on gas or insurance. A perfect plan. It is one of the options that barajo, although for me it was, I would a small collection of classic cars, those whose value does no more than to ascend. A collection where there would be a copy of each generation of the BMW M3, several Porsche 911’s air-cooled and some american classic, such as politically incorrect in need of a gas station as a trailer.

Second Prize: 100.500 euros

it Is a shame that the 2,500 units of the Porsche Cayman GT4 are already depleted.

The Second Prize will not get us out of poverty, but to fans of the car makes us filthy rich. Rich in experiences that can be experienced at the wheel of fantastic cars. My personal choice would have been a Porsche Cayman GT4. By “only” 99.095 euros, is a car with performance superior to a Porsche 911, a character that is much more radical and almost as much power as its basic version. But I’m very much afraid that it will not be possible: their 2,500 units have been sold out in just a few days.


however, it would be another car atypical. A Corvette Stingray with the pack prestacional Z51 and the engine 6.2 V8 of 455 HP. A powerful maximum torque associated to a manual gearbox of six relations. Your price in Spain was 79.900 euros, but Chevrolet is withdrawn officially in Europe in just a few days, on the 31st of December. However, in the German site of Chevrolet is still on sale in Germany. It would not be wrong to make an excursion, and taking advantage of a winter’s atypically warm, premiere in Nordschleife.

Third Prize: 40.500 euros

will Not repeat cars like the Nissan 370Z, are a species in danger of extinction.

With a budget of 40.500 euros the options are very varied. Since a large number of Itps high-performance, to even some small sport. My choice would be clear: a Nissan 370Z, finished > . For 37.900 € – 5.000€ more than the basic version – it would take me a sports with all the letters, very well equipped. A car in danger of extinction whose propeller 3.7 V6’s maximum torque is able to develop 328 BHP of power, transmitted to the ground by a manual gearbox of six relations.


version Nismo Nissan 370Z costs 44.900 euros, and with it we received a gear train with a tune even more radical, as well as a propeller V6 retouching, the power of which amounts to 344 HP at 7.400 rpm. The aesthetic is more racing also accompanies this release. We exceed of 40.500 euros budget, but many we will be able to supply those to 4,400 euros with our savings, right? It is a car whose life cycle is about to end, and believe me, will not repeat a car, so.

Fourth Prize: 16.500 euros

This car is not as powerful or as fast as other small GTI, but few will win in fun at the wheel.

of 16,500 euros supply car performance is rather sparse. However, by 16.380 euros is possible to buy all Suzuki Swift Sport. It is one of those cars that looks like a capsule temporary. A sport-utility that there are not, equipped with a 1.6 engine maximum power of 136 HP and higher rpm of rotation. A machine whose weight is of only 1.120 kilos and is made to be enjoyed on a curved road. A car whose power is not excessive, and that we will be able to squeeze out thoroughly in our road favorite.


But for this amount, would prefer to come to the market, second-hand, where we can find machines very interesting for the said amount. Like for example a Nissan 350Z with a few miles in very good condition. Or a BMW M3 E36 of series, well maintained. We may also acquire a myth DTM of the years 80, as is the fantastic Mercedes 190 2.5-16, one of those cars created by needs type approval. A machine whose four-cylinder engine was developed by Cosworth, a BMW M3 E30 manufactured in Stuttgart.

Fifth Prize: 5.300 euros

With the Fifth Award we can not do too much in terms of automobile. False. Still a amount of considerable money. My personal choice would be to opt for one of those wonderful GTI of the years 90, some such as the Peugeot 106 Rallye or the Citroën ZX Volcane can still be found in good condition for that amount, although it will be difficult to find one that has not been modified extensively. Another good idea is to use these 5.300 euros to fit your car, several modifications that improve its performance.


In motor: