5 sports you can not miss the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show

Countdown to the Frankfurt . In a few weeks will begin this new event has reserved us a good list of new features. You talk already of SUV expected at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, but … what are the main sports news that we will be there?

The facelift of the 911

Porsche will build on the German appointment to present an evolution of the current 911 . No, do not expect big cosmetic changes on the outside, there will be. Most importantly occur under your skin, inside. A new multimedia system and new mechanics, introducing an important evolution hand overfeeding expected.

Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe

The new generation of Mercedes C Class Coupe has brought only a few days after its release, the alternative high-flying, the version with the seal AMG . How could it be otherwise this new form C 63 AMG Coupe has the 4-liter V8 biturbo of displacement that we knew in the AMG GT wearing two power levels: 476 horses and 510


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A Ferrari 488 Spider you go I will dream convertible Riviera:

458 Farewell to Ferrari (and the possibly the last naturally aspirated V8 brand) and welcome the Ferrari 488 GTB A 488 GTB already has hand convertible variant a Ferrari 488 Spider will invite you to enjoy the V8 3.9-liter turbo and 670 horses no ceiling to mediate between your ears and his roaring.

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Lotus 3-eleven: radical, spartan, wild. It is the most powerful Lotus ever created:

Lotus returns to delight us with a enrollable barqueta a Lotus 3-eleven light and powerful, really powerful, boasting an output of 450 horses extracted from its mechanics Toyota V6 source . It weighs only 900 kg. Really crazy.

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The Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Romeo Giulia and 510 horses

The opponent for BMW M3 , the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Alfa Romeo is a Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde also to show off a careful design under the hood has a source V6 Ferrari delivering a power of 510 horses .

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