5 SUV’s and 4X4’s that leave us 2015/2016


Cadillac SRX

, The SRX carries on the market for over 10 years, although the current generation dates back to 2009. Is manufactured still in Mexico, Russia and China, to the hope that her successor, the Cadillac XT5, we replace in the assembly lines. For a time he had a cousin with genes scandinavians, the Saab 9-4X.

This SUV/crossover has three engines, six-cylinder petrol engine to choose from, and can be both front-wheel-drive as all-wheel-drive. Since 2010 she is the best selling car Cadillac, more than 50,000 units each year. The coming year will no longer be manufactured, but you can buy it in Spain with the 3.6 V6 318 CV.


Jeep Compass

The last vestige of the era of DaimlerChrysler left alive in the brand of suvs are off in 2016. It is manufactured alongside the Patriot in Belvidere (Illinois, USA) since 2006. Has not been precisely wrong on trade, the recent years have been better than the first. In 2014 they produced more than 130,000 units, the majority destined for export.

it Was the first car of the brand Jeep in to have a configuration front-wheel drive, although there is also all-wheel drive. In our country is already sold out. In other markets is offered with two engines, a 2.0 VVT with 158 HP, and a 2.4 VVT with 172 HP.


Jeep Patriot

The Patriot is a derivative of the same platform as the Compass, was launched practically at the same time, and was also designed during the era DaimlerChrysler. His positioning is below the Compass, was the Jeep cheaper until the arrival of the Renegade.

Also discontinued in our country. Their numbers of manufacture, like the Compass, they have gone better in the last few years, both the united States and in foreign markets. In 2014 they made 122.387 units. Both the Compass as the Patriot will surely be replaced by a single model.


Land Rover Defender

The legend is manufactured from 1948, and has been completely deprecated. Its process of manufacture very laborious, has ceased to be competitive, and because it is not worth to put it to the day in question of emissions or safety systems. We have manufactured and sold more than two million units.

The manufacturer of suvs are geared more towards the SUV, the vehicle aspirational that they ask their customers, in different ranges and sizes. It is believed that by 2018-2020 we will see the modern reinterpretation of the Defender, advanced by the prototype DC 100 back in 2011.


Nissan Xterra

Xterra is an suv based on the platform F-Alpha Nissan, that is very well known in our country by sharing it with the Pathfinder, Navara and NP300 from the previous generation. It has been manufactured in Brazil, and the united States came out the last this year. In theory already have been sold all.

Xterra, commercially speaking, there is since the year 1999. Since then we have manufactured more than 750,000 units. Has an engine longitudinal propulsion and rear/all-wheel drive. Now you do not have a successor defined. It has been withdrawn from the market because their role has already been fulfilled.