5 technologies Back to the Future that we have in 2015

Tecnología Regreso al Futuro en 2015Today is the day. Today is the day that Marty McFly back to the future. Or more to the present. The curious fact is that the film of Back to the Future, the saga, from today will be based all in the past. Leaving these inconsistencies of the unstoppable line of the time, there’s no better occasion to get to know 5 technologies viewed in the film that have come, or nearly so, to the present reality.

it is known that many films are futurists who dress up in technology and visions very far from today. Many of these technologies have arrived today to our houses, even our hand through a smartphone. But Back to the Future has always had a close relationship with cars, and one of its protagonists is the media DeLorean DMC-12. These are the inventions related to the cars that today we know already.

flying Cars

Coche autónomo de Google de producciónNo, flying cars are not too popular at present. In fact there are few manufacturers who dare to launch one, but there are some. Are more a kind of aircraft, very compact able to keep their wings and move like a car. But there is another invention, closely related with it, that will be the feeling in the next few years and we are beginning to know.

autonomous car. Could be the technology of the next decade, from 2020, the proliferation of autonomous cars is expected to intense. Are cars that drive themselves through GPS-guided, cameras and radar, creating a futuristic feel that house to perfection with the movie Back to the Future. Doc would have to be in a hurry a few years.

augmented Reality

jaguar-land-rover-urban-windscreen-1In the Back to the Future films it is common to see players with glasses smart. While Google with the Google Glass was a pioneer in this type of gadgets, it is something quite recurrent in the world of fiction. How many times have we seen robots look at an object and know all of the details on the screen? Yes, I am referring to the saga Terminator, when movies made history.

For the augmented reality has arrived and will arrive at the car more thoroughly. Jaguar is one of the manufacturers that more bet by this technology, and it is a great step in the pursuit of security. With it you can virtually eliminate blind spots as the A-pillars, or, in the case of leisure, directly virtually eliminate the hood of the car to facilitate driving off road.

gestural Control

Sistema multimedia iDrive BMW CES 2015 are There any movie futuristic in that there is abuse of the gestural control? Handle to a screen with only hands moving or the head is something that the writers has gone crazy over the story. In Back to the Future could not miss a technology that is so futuristic and so realistic in our days.

Yet it is not something too popular, but manufacturers have already taken a solid step, offering gestural control to manage the multimedia systems of our cars. BMW and Volkswagen have already submitted their versions, systems of infotainment that, with a simple gesture, allow you to take a call, change songs or raise and lower the volume of the music.

alternative Fuels


today If you tell me that you have not yet heard the alternative fuels are the order of the day, is that you are more delayed than Marty McFly and Doc before embarking on their journey to the future. The price of oil, the scarcity or the environmental problem have been made that promote alternative energies that move our cars. And we speak not only of electricity. Some manufacturers opt for the LPG. Audi even makes its own fuel.

In fact surprising that in the movie to think in a fuel as simple as debris, trash, . Yes, that is what that moved to the DeLorean when Doc realized that plutonium was too difficult to obtain. How easy not? Instead of taking out the trash and take another, you take your organic waste and you put it in your car, specifically in a system that creates fuel for the trade mark Mr Fusion.

Skates flying

Lexus HoverboardIf the popular Segway you seem to already enough futuristic, is that you have not seen the skates flying Back to the Future. This means of transport for leisure on the film was and will continue to be the object of desire of most young people, but has not become particularly popular.

Lexus has recently played with the technology to introduce their Lexus hunter hoverboard, a skateboard floating works by magnetic levitation. It may not be the same but yes similar. In addition, the smoke given off by the skate of Lexus makes it more mysterious and futuristic than what you really believe. There are other companies that also have been proposed.

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