5 videos of supercars absurd accidents (those who learn a valuable lesson)


Sooner or later it had to happen. I mean the emergence of a video in which we would show a Porsche 918 Spyder having a freak accident . And is that the Stuttgart sports car crash we have seen, but otherwise very different. Because thus crashing into a supercar, with deployment of airbags including in the hotel parking Epi Plage de St. Tropez, is as ridiculous minimum. While on the other hand it is a much more common than we think we situation, as we see in this collection of 5 videos absurd accident supercars that, at least you should take to learn a valuable lesson.

Walter Röhrl has class up to collide with a Porsche 918 Spyder

Modern sports are made proof paws. Even the dullest can go very fast with them without facing risk. And speaking from experience I assure you, without being very adept at the wheel, we can feel a real Fernando Alonso chaining curves at a speed of infarction (circling, where can approach certain limits). Electronics is a lifeline, but not infallible . And when you have 887 hp under the right foot, with a sigh – 2.6 seconds – will launch to 100 km / h, making the idiot you can bring at least in situations of serious risk, and sometimes to create a scandalous mess

so that the next time you have the luck to get behind the wheel of a sports good, you need to remember these videos . I’ll do it. And above all you promise yourself not to be the next viral Youtube. You know, everyone carries a camera in your pocket, and thus the likelihood that your absurd shock jump to the network are really high.

1. Porsche 918 Spyder .

2. Lamborghini Aventador . A very common mistake. Think that as you drive a supercar, and is very fast, you can go at speeds of scandal, even in the city center. The big problem is that the other drivers moving at legal speeds. Leaving a crossing a driver will not imagine a Aventador approaching 100 km / h. And we control our car in a situation like this can be very complicated.

3. Ferrari California . This is one of my favorites, the lesson taught, of course. Apparently it occurred during a test in Maranello. In this video several factors were probably attached. We have a driver who is perhaps not used to wearing sports of this caliber. Shortly skilled at the wheel (do not know him, nor we have sought to prove, but the way they get behind the wheel is sufficient argument to make this statement). Turn a corner and opened the throttle too early in a V8 rear-wheel drive, at least you can make you put it by storm. And at that point, if you contravolanteas late challenge, the natural reaction of the car will just churn, more violently, to the opposite side of the initial oversteer.

4. The Bugatti Veyron which ended in a lake . Probably the most inexplicable accident this list. The driver offered an even more ridiculous explanation for the accident. He said that a pelican had created a reflex that had confused him (Jalopnik). The insurer, using this video as evidence, suspected – not surprisingly -. That were a deception

5. Dodge Viper . It can be a desperate move both in a jam with a supercar. It is understandable. What is not explained is that we used as an excuse to pass on the right, pass between two trucks. To throttle at a rate incompatible with the retention we are seeing and to make matters worse, react too late – perhaps by the contrast lighting of the tunnel -. To stamp us into a truck stop in the traffic jam

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