5 videos that show how helicopters DGT fine you unbelted

Although the most amazing, and commented, Pegasus is the ability to capture speeding at 300 meters and one kilometer away (see how Pegasus works in 13 questions and answers) helicopters DGT are also able to accurately capture other offenses, such as vehicles that do not maintain a safe distance, dangerous maneuvers and you drive without a seat belt. That’s why the DGT has published these 5 videos showing their helicopters are able to catch those drivers without seat belt .

Do not wear a seat belt is a serious offense punishable by a fine of € 200 and 3-point loss in the event that the offender is the driver.

seems absurd that the DGT still have to campaign to promote seat belt use, probably the most important to protect our life, without which a slight accident can turn into deadly system very easily. That should be enough to convince us that the seat belt has been used since got into the car until we got it, no excuses.

Still, for those not yet convinced, not hurt to remember that not only can captarnos without him we advance those agents in your car, or those who are at the foot of a street or a highway, but also helicopters for its height and working distance hardly see . Like a permanently vigilant Big Brother in question.

You see that accuracy cameras used by helicopters is high enough to catch you without a belt.

and even if you see the helicopter and try to amend the error , it is likely that your offense has already been captured.

The companion must also use a seatbelt. The fine for not wearing a seat belt will be directed to the passenger, the passenger does not use a seat belt. If the agents did not intercept the vehicle, and identify the offender and communicate its approval, will be the conductor, or rather, the vehicle owner, who receives a notice of traffic to identify the offender.

The seat belt must not be used in any way, or like a “quitamultas” in question. Use it incorrectly as the passenger of this car, also supposed sanction .

Again, wear a seatbelt as “quitamultas” ornament not exempt you from being penalized. And you will not fool the agents from their cameras on the helicopter you take control by hanging arm.

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