5 vital tips to survive the heavy rains at the wheel

lluviawe can Already say with certainty that the summer has told us goodbye. Although there continues to be days and places of the country in which it is possible that the thermometer approaches 30 degrees in the hottest hours of the day, what is certain is that since we are in the autumn. At night as we slept well clothed, and the shorts have returned to the closet for a good season. Autumn is time of winds, rains and the occasional storm, so that we must be ready at the wheel.

we All know that the asphalt is wet and slippery and that if it is saturated we are likely to suffer aquaplaning. Even so, and being a cycle that is repeated every year, every year it shoots up the number of accidents when the clouds decide to unload on the surface of our streets and highways. The rain is a normal situation and we should not give him take the blame for an accident, simply we have to adapt when it appears.

What we must have in mind when we drive in the rain?

drawer Seems, but it is right to remember. When we drive our car under the rain, and also increase the braking distance due to the lower adhesion of the pavement, we have to take into account other factors. We have less braking capacity, but also lower adherence side, and you can do skating, the wheels of our car on sudden accelerations, especially at low speed. This is why it is so important to bring the tyres in wet surfaces.

on the other hand, the visibility decreases, which makes it difficult for us to calculate the speed at which you are approaching other vehicles. This is why you should turn on the lighting. Manoeuvres in town are also more complicated, because our crystals and mirrors will accumulate drops that we subtracted a lot of visibility. In some cases it may be difficult to park.

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Pay attention to your tires

As we always say, the tires are the single point of contact between the asphalt and our car, so that we must care for them and keep them in perfect condition. tires in good condition, without wear irregular and far from the witness of wear right appearance can mean the difference between being in an accident or arrive at our destination without having had even a scare.

we Must take into account that aquaplaning arises because the tire is not able to evacuate all the water on the surface, creating a film between the rubber and the asphalt, the result of which is similar to that the wheel is floating in the air; therefore, during those moments will not be able to neither stop nor turn. If we go through a puddle at a reduced speed may not appear the phenomenon of aquaplaning, but the more drawing to keep the tire the greater the volume of water that may evacuate and, therefore, the higher the speed we can get through it without danger.

Caution, anticipation, and smoothness in driving

Are the three rules that most help maintain the safety behind the wheel in any situation, and relate to each other. We must turn them to good account always, even when the weather conditions are perfect, but even more so when the road surface is delicate.

by Performing a smooth ride by turning and changing speed gradually, leaving our soul sport and the rush to one side, increasing the distance of security, looking very far away, and to adapt our speed to the conditions of the moment, we will have much cattle, and will dramatically reduce the chances of having a mishap.


Avoids stepping on the lines of painting

Our road network is plagued with traffic signs painted on the road. Despite the fact that the various agencies claim that it is special paint and anti-slip, it is certain that the grip on it is quite low. It is for this reason that we must avoid pisarlas to the extent possible, especially in the corners and braking, that is when more hazard means a loss of control of the car. If we cannot avoid them, at least I will try not to make sudden changes of direction or speed.

Keep in perfect condition the windshield wiper blades

we have Already mentioned a few paragraphs above that the heavy rains make it difficult to vision, both to us and the rest of the users. Therefore, we should try to see as much as possible, but also make us see.

it Is advisable to change from year to year wiper blades of windshield wipers and, if we do not, at least check that “sweep” in a perfect state. A few brushes worn out, in addition to the annoying noise caused in each sweep, are not able to remove all the rain that falls on the moon, so that it will get still worse our vision. On the other hand, is not other check and fill in from time to time the level of the liquid to the windshield, because the rain along with the dirt may form a mud unwise. Ah! there are also waterproofing products to apply to the crystals that prevent the accumulation of drops.

turn up the lights and try to work correctly

As we said, we must also try the rest of the users see us. We must, therefore, turn on the lights of our vehicle, also using the fog if necessary, and it is very important that they all work and do not have the headlights opaque by the passage of time. In these conditions, and more than ever, remember to use the lights of direction, that is to say, intermittent.