5 ways to have controlled the children by leaving the car

new technologies make it easier than ever to lend the car to a family member or friend ceases to be a sport of risk. When it comes to leaving your car to a driver with very little experience, there are several applications to remain vigilant in certain behaviors, when in doubt of the honesty or responsibility of the descendant.

In countries like the united States, where it is legal to drive from the age of 16 years -still considered a minor until the child is 21 – the parents start to have many tools to deter their children driving irresponsibly. We can also enjoy this technology in Europe for seniors with little experience.

get to Know a few possibilities:


Ford MyKey

This system, exclusive of Ford vehicles, it takes time to operate successfully in the united States. One of the keys to the car can be coded, and the car warns you with more advance notice of when it jumps the reservation, limit the speed, to defeat the team of music if you are not using safety belts, to limit the maximum volume or impossible to disconnect the traction control.

The simplicity of use is maximum, since they only have to be scheduled once the limitations associated with a key specific. does Not require mobile applications, and comes standard on almost the entire range, including the sweet Mustang. Yes, must be careful not to lose sight of the keys that do not have limitations.



it Is a mobile application that aims to improve the driving, analyzing parameters such as acceleration, use of brakes, smoothness in turns, use of the phone up or exceed the speed limits. Everdrive allows you to compare yourself with other drivers who we choose, and to push for the highest score.

In the practical sense, Everdrive automatically recorded in car travel and saves the data. Some concerned parents may require your rod to teach driving records, so that the above will provide a lot more attention to their driving, a bad score may imply not re-touch the car in a season. It requires No installation and is valid for any car.



young people tend to pay premiums very high in their first insurance, even if they are drivers of occasional within the policy of their parents. MAPFRE is pulled out of the sleeve a insurance specialising in young people, where subsidizes a lower risk to analyze the way of driving.

The sneak e-YCAR takes into account data such as speed and driving hours, so you’ll pay less on your renovation a driver that circulates in working hours within the limits of speed than another that leads to the wee hours of the morning with several infractions. This sneak is very discouraging to the time of fooling. Requires installation and is hidden.

Toyota Safe and Sound

This app works on any car, either a Toyota or not. Its principle of operation is basic, while driving the phone can not handle in place. This avoids one of the main problems of the new generations of drivers, distractions by compulsive use of mobile.

on the other hand, the application has a function “trolldad”, that when the child exceeds the limits of speed, the music changes to a playlist chosen by the parents. It seems silly, but that begins to sound Leonard Cohen or James Taylor when the son has gone to take a turn with their friends can have a great psychological impact.


Volkswagen Car-Net Security & Service

The latest models of Volkswagen have an interesting function which resembles the maximum possible to a great brother. Is a payment option that allows you to have the car controlled remotely. It is possible to know where it is, how fast it circulates, and even receive an alert if it moves out of a zone delimited previously.

Given that the system, Car-Net does not depend on mobile phones with applications, it is impossible to outsmart it. In addition, one of the advantages of the system is that in case of accident, the vehicle calls to the emergency services, in addition to issuing an alert that you can see the owner. With this system we no longer need to ask: “have you arrived already?”