50 engineers working in Mazda from 8 years ago to make possible the return of the rotary engine

One of the main surprises of the Hall of Tokyo 2015 was given to us by Mazda: finally seeing official way with the Mazda RX Vision Concept back to the streets of a sporty, with a rotary engine and even though by now this first statement of intent has been conceptual the signature of Hiroshima has to 50 engineers working on that make it feasible to bring to production a mechanical rotary.

50 engineers have been working 8 years for the return of the rotary engine is a reality

In Mazda are more than willing to honor the tradition of the sport of rotary engine that takes us to the times of the Mazda Cosmo, the legendary RX-7 in any of its generations or a more recent RX-8 and are working since 8 years ago, a group of 50 engineers, confirmed Masamichi Kogai, CEO Mazda in a statement to Automotive News on the occasion of the Salon of Tokyo.

These 50 engineers are working hard to get some specifications in line with what is required by current customers, having, in addition to the important environmental constraints. To achieve this, to eventually get a propeller suitable for the public road and the marina rotary engine would be a reality, confirmed by Kogai.

To your arrival to production would be handed over in the chassis of the new Mazda MX-5 properly adapted for the occasion. Kogai has made mention of all an increase of stiffness.

Your design, surely, as we expect from Mazda, would follow the true path set by the conceptual model presented in the Hall of Tokyo, the Mazda RX Vision Concept. This conceptual model has been advance also the denomination of Skyactiv-R for this new generation of rotary engine.

Since then we have reason to dream if we take into account that Mazda used to be faithful to their concept, the good stage that lives the brand, and even this hypothetical new rotary engine already has a name. Hopefully that will meet the forecasts, and Mazda put the icing on the cake to its renewed range with a successor to the Mazda RX-7 and the Mazda RX-8.