500, 124 Spider, Bravo and Aegea: The future range of Fiat


Gradually Fiat begins to form its new range of global products. The first is the Nuova 500 , but this year will reach the 124 Spider and next year the new Bravo and Aegea although there may also be room for a crossover.


Fiat-500-2015 C on the launch of the Giulia already underway FCA shall forget for a while Alfa Romeo to concentrate on the more modest Fiat . The future range of models of the Italian house is already brewing and last week met the first of its members who is none other than renewed Fiat 500 .

The next model to arrive will be the Fiat 124 Spider, one two-seater convertible, rear-drive was originally going to wear the emblem of Alfa Romeo. But Fiat Chrysler Automobiles wanted to reserve the seal Made in Italy to Alfa Romeo and as the Spider, based on the platform of the Mazda MX-5 will have production facilities located in Mazda in Japan, it was not possible to mark it as Alpha.

The new product family of Fiat begins to take shape slowly.

The spiderina retrieves an ancient name which will only feed nostalgia enthusiasts brand with the use of a name with a lot of fame, especially in the United States .

debut is expected to take place within the framework of Frankfurt Motor Show or more than LA Auto Show .

A few months later they will debut the new generation of Bravo and the new compact sedan already met through the prototype presented shortly behind the auto show in Istanbul under the name Aegea, which will give birth to a family of products will also have An hatchback and a family .

Missing for Europe? A crossover although it is still unknown which will be Fiat’s plans in this field. However Ottimo Cross recently in Shanghai could lead the way. With this crossover and derivatives 500, the 500L and 500X, be made the family of Fiat models for the coming years.





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