50,000 vehicles of the Volkswagen Group affected by the emissions of CO2 in Spain

volkswagen-logoThis week we have known that the scandal Volkswagen emissions also affects the CO2 in at least 800,000 vehicles globally. In a press release of Volkswagen Spain has announced that in our country may be circulating around 50,000 units of these vehicles CO2 emissions higher than anticipated. It has been the company itself that has been detected and announced these new irregularities during his own investigation of the case Dieselgate.

The own vice-president of the Volkswagen Group, Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, has met with the Industry Minister of Spain, José Manuel Soria, to discuss the situation and give the commitment of the Volkswagen Group of to inform the Spanish authorities about the progress of this research. Volkswagen will take care of all the costs that this problem can bring about, even the bonuses of the Plan PIVE to those that have been able to welcome some of these cars.

Francisco Javier García Sanz con Mariano Rajoy

Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz with the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy

The Minister of Industry has also secured the Government’s collaboration with Volkswagen to make sure that solutions to the problem to be in the interests of the affected consumers. The German group has emphasized, as it did with emissions of NOx, that their cars are perfectly safe and suitable for circulation.

Source – Volkswagen