50,000 vehicles Volkswagen with problems of CO2 emissions in Spain


Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, vice-president of the Volkswagen Group

The senior global vice president of Volkswagen Group, Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, has met today with the minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, to communicate the latest information regarding the Scandal Volkswagen.

The vice-president has explained to the minister that the irregularities connected with emissions of CO2 would affect about 50,000 vehicles in our market.

the Fruit of the will of transparency and truth that we have acquired in the framework of the internal investigations on the subject of emissions, I have moved to the minister Soria the commitment of the Volkswagen Group to report promptly to the Spanish authorities on any new developments in relation with this topic”, states the vice president of the company.

The brand has remembered that the vehicles affected are technically safe and ensures that it will bear all the costs associated to the irregularities detected, including the aid they have been able to receive the clients, for the Plan PIVE.

finally, we note that after the meeting, the minister has ensured the collaboration of our Government to expedite the resolution of this matter and Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz has recalled the commitment of the Volkswagen Group with Spain.