5,000,000 units sold of the Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift takes you from 1983 on the market, but this name is global only since the year 2004. What in Europe we have known as a Suzuki Swift for years, it was in other markets the Suzuki Cultus as the Suzuki Ignis in Japan was the Suzuki Swift. A dance of names since the year 2004, he settled in a compact B-segment, which now boasts more than 5,000,000 sales to their backs.

As global model, and in the 11 years and five months that have passed since its launch in November 2004, these are the 5,000,000 units that have been sold. Have been required two generations of the model to achieve this figure, which would be substantially larger to also include the models that were manufactured between 1983 and 2004. Over more than a decade, the Swift has proven to be a car very versatile able to be sold in 140 countries, some of them as different as India, Europe, or Japan.

Suzuki SwiftThe Suzuki Swift is manufactured in places as disparate as Japan, Hungary, India, China, Pakistan and Thailand. If we attend to the demand, we find that India is the country more important to the model because that is where they have gone to 54% of these 5,000,000 units are produced. There, this compact represents 30% of the sales of the brand. The whole of Europe is the second-most important market for the Swift, with 17% of sales, leaving a 10% acicional to Japan and 19% is divided in other regions and countries.

first million units was reached in the year 2008, reaching the second million in 2011, when he was released the second generation. In this shorter period of time is reached three billion in 2013, four million in 2014 and five million in 2016.

Suzuki Swift interiorIn Spain, the Suzuki Swift is marketed with the body of three and five doors. The engines available are a 1.2 petrol maximum power of 94 HP, available in versions with front-wheel drive with manual switching and automatic CVT transmission and all-wheel drive 4×4. The engine diesel 1.3 75 CV is from Fiat and is the alternative most frugal of the range. There is also the Suzuki Swift Sport, with a 1.6 engine maximum power of 136 HP of power.

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