510 hp Audi TT RS: So the beast created by Hperformance

We are looking forward the arrival of a new Audi TT RS , even after knowing the prototype of Audi TT Clubsport Turbo , but while we wait for the coach he wanted Hperformance delight with a suggestive evolution of performance based version of the previous generation of Audi TT .

Hperformance model sells for 90,000 euros pictures.

Of 360 horses and 465 Nm originally developed the Audi TT RS Plus Hperformance leads to a preparation block out of the 5-cylinder, 2.5 liter displacement, a total of 510 horses and 690 Nm wide.

This power, which is delivered to all four wheels, comes from the hand of a new turbo of changes in admission and the incorporation of new system exhaust among other changes, but there is more.

The preparation cycle of this part is garnished with a roll cage , a new team of Brake and suspension signed by KW.

Beyond this we find mechanical evolution a new spoiler and canards about , all developed in carbon fiber .

The price of such a power increase?

Hperformance announced a price of 50,000 euros for this development, but also has also announced that the prepared unit used for pictures is for sale, advertised with a price of 90,000 euros .


Gallery Audi TT RS of Hperformance:

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