540 hp Audi R8 V8

stasis , a specialist in preparing models of Audi, has just released his Challenge Extreme Edition a piece of personalization that is based on Audi R8 V8 [1999003 engine] injected 120 hp extra power .


Not satisfied with hiding 710 hp under the hood on a R8 V10 stasis has prepared a new powerhouse for the less powerful version of the German sports appeal. After the session tuning, the R8 V8 Stasis is more powerful than the R8 V10 series. Furthermore, in the process have included a new set of more manageable suspensions make the vehicle at high speeds.

The power increase is achieved by incorporating in the mechanics of R8 new supercharger system Eaton / Magnusson TVS 1900 one new charging system independent, improvements in the cooling system of the engine and susceptible to one reprogramming the engine control unit (ECU) . Thanks this set of improvements Audi V8 now gives 540 hp and its maximum torque changes from the original 475 Nm to 590 Nm proud about.


The coach also replaced the exhaust system on the other made of stainless steel designed in such a manner that further enhances the performance of the engine. Complete customization working brakes with larger calipers and a new game alloy wheels with a diameter of 20 inches shod with low-profile tires and high performance .


stasis has managed to increase the power of R8 almost 30% without penalizing overweight (R8’ve only got 15 kg) so new R8 Challenge Extreme Edition is able to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 3.6 seconds (almost a second less than the production model) and tenth during the period marked by R8 V10 series.

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