6 Audi amazing ideas that will make you see the lighting systems with different eyes

Audi created light and saw that it was good. Audi engineers department Lighting systems are not gods, much less, but it can boast of being one of the teams most innovative and important development of the brand from Ingolstadt. The lighting department employs 15 people working closely together to advance the development of hardware and software will manage the headlights and taillights of our cars. Perhaps it was not as simple as illuminate the road well and make us to be visible to other drivers? Audi has confessed us some secrets about lighting their future models and provides 6 very surprising ideas that will make you see the car light with different eyes .

1. Laser Headlights

The laser allows the projection of a light beam over 500 meters away reaching. Your problem will now not be seen clearly in the distance, but to find a straight long enough to use them.

When technology headlights LED just has expanded to large manufacturers, and even fewer manufacturers have made real domain LED to provide adaptive functions really practical and safe, Audi is already thinking about the next step. The laser has already become the next big revolution in lighting our cars. After its premiere in competition at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Audi introduced its first laser beam in the special edition of Audi R8 LMX . Why Laser? For its ability to accurately illuminate hundred meters, for its efficiency, by the small size of the projectors that require, and so on.


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