600 hp for the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept


Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept L he compact with power supercars slowly seem to be transforming in common and that is the segment where Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept might fit.

This is an extreme variant of the coupe of the German house that bears his power to reach the incredible mark of 600 horses. Uses a TFSI engine block 2.5-liter five-cylinder , with a capacity of 600 hp and 650 Nm of torque between 3,000 and 7,000 rpm.

Mechanically its main novelty is related to the use of an twin-turbo , first one of conventional operation, assisted by a second electrically operated unit, which helps remove delay typical motors on power.

The engine power is transmitted to all 4 wheels via the all-wheel drive Quattro although surprised by the use of a 6 speed manual transmission.

also has sub-system power 48 volts that supplies power to the electric turbocharger and lithium ions compact located in the posterior region that stores the energy generated for recovery.

Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept

The TT Clubsport Turbo can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 3.6 seconds and reach a maximum of 310 km / h.

The set comes complete with a set of carbocerámicos brakes with a front discs 370 millimeters and adjustable sports suspension, which can vary in height by means of an electronic device that allows easy exit of parking or overcoming obstacles such as speed bumps, more easily. The tires are 20 inches and equipped with tires measuring 275 / 30R20

His aesthetic is purely sports-oriented circuits, with lots of additional aerodynamic elements. The body is widened to nearly two meters and has new bumpers, a bulging rear wheel step and a huge spoiler on the tailgate.

His new dimensions are 4.33 meters in length and width after stretch 14 centimeters compared to TT series, reaches 1.97 meters. For the interior Audi also reserved some surprises, with details that make it very clear his intentions, with an roll cage manufactured from titanium racing seats and extensive use of Alcantara .

Although it is only a prototype that hardly hits the streets with these 600 hp , it is a testing laboratory all these technologies that will surely come to Car production of the VAG group more quickly.

Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept


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