650 cars burned on the night of new year in France

Incendios de coches en Francia

Unfortunately it seems that since “it is a tradition to” in our neighbouring country who, during the the first morning of the year to blaze several hundred vehicles, going to these events since the decade of the 90’s. During the early morning hours of the past day 31 of December to 1 of January have been burned almost 650 vehicles in several locations in France, so that we imagine would be a night quite complicated to the law-enforcement bodies as well as bodies of fire-extinguishing.

The issue is not only in the nearly 650 cars that were burnt. The law-enforcement bodies have acted, and several policemen were wounded in several parts of the country, in addition to some firefighter. A press release of the Ministry of Interior French confirmed that “The number of cars burned shows that this phenomenon is unacceptable that it continues to exist. A total of 650 cars were torched, while last year there were 602 cases”.


Minister Bruno le Roux to be pronounced by stating the following: “I Regret that, once more, there were too many cases of security forces hit with shells or aggression or insults”. Adding that “in the last five years, the number of vehicles torched fell from 20 %”. At least they left the “cruel comfort” of that in that first early morning police forces managed to arrest 454 people, being charged 301 people of various crimes.

it Is estimated that during the christmas time of 2016 were burned 800 cars, having stopped a total of 622 people accused of causing those fires in the vehicles. Just a year before the number of burned vehicles of malice aforethought was 940.

it Seems that these energúmenos don’t know that they can protest and call the attention of the other forms much less cruel to the owners of these vehicles. Any car or, better said, any object can have cost a lot of effort to its owner to be able to get it.


Source – RT