68 years later, on 25 Land Rover Series I made the sale

Imagine buy a Land Rover Series I, 1948 fully new and brand new in full 2016. This is the offer that makes us Land Rover Classic with the launch of the Land Rover Series I Reborn, a limited edition of 25 units to be joined this 2016, taking as a starting antique cars subject to a complex and meticulous process of restoration with original parts, and according to plans of that time to get those Land Rover Series I are fully faithful to the first Land Rover was manufactured.


The department of classic vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover it seems that he has got taste and a certain skill to that of retrieving the old glories of the group, and that is after the announcements of the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight and the Jaguar XKSS, today we find ourselves with the release of this limited edition of 25 units of Land Rover Series I, 1948. Nothing less than 68 years of history that separate one Series I to the latest Land Rover Defender that came out of the production chain at the beginning of this year 2016.

land-rover-series-i-reborn-2016-02In full 2016, be able to take home a Land Rover Series I, 1948 new is the dream of every collector

The department Land Rover Classic will be in charge of rehabilitating 25 Land Rover Series I, technically we should not talk of new models due to be a process of restoration, but the work that is going to make Land Rover will be so meticulous, that each one of the models will be completely scrapped, analyzing each piece in order to proceed to its restoration or replacement. Each process will force a craft work, but it will be a process that will be able to follow customers from close to the announce Land Rover, these 25 lucky customers will work hand-in-hand with the operators of the mark in the making of your new Series I.

The first Land Rover Series I Reborn will be presented in the next edition of Techno-Classica, thus giving the starting signal for this special edition which will serve as a final finishing touch to the model’s most iconic Land Rover.


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