6to6 Airport Challenge Madrid 2016 with Nissan Nismo


6to6 Airport Challengue Madrid 2016: route Nissan Nismo

At 09:00h in the morning began the program of the Path 6to6 Madrid Airport Challenge. For the occasion, Nissan had prepared us a Nissan 370Z Nismo, that would be the car that we would accompany her throughout the day. After you start it up and listen to the purr of its engine V6 atmospheric we put up at the space Perodri Joyeros, in the centre of Madrid.

After parking our car among the rest of attendees in the parking lot next to the meeting point, and confirm the good level of the participant cars, and went up to make checking in the jewelry and know the watch Hublot LaFerrari Gold of which there are only 20 units in the market and that has a cost higher than some sports today.

After the briefting of welcome and a brief breakfast, we say goodbye Perodri Joyeros and we leave the cavalry. As is customary in the 6to6 participating sports manufacturers as prestigious as Nissan NISMO, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche, Lexus, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, or Lamborghini.

in Addition, some of the models that bring the sixters are custom and are prepared to increase their performance, sometimes with a picture much more elite and exclusive as the ones who brought our friends AutoExclusiv, with a C63 signed by Brabus and a M3 G-Power super exclusive.

Of Perodri joyeros to the Parador de Sigüenza

Our destination is located in the heart of the Sierra North of Madrid, the Parador de Sigüenza. Route caravan, and respecting the traffic rules in force, we get all the attention, and during the route we take advantage of the benefits that we offer our Nissan 370Z NISMO.

Its engine has a maximum power V6 344CV and your post pointed to the style old school shows that it is a model in danger of extinction. It is amazing that in spite of its touch of sporty, I’m very comfortable in it, with an engine sound that is not disturbing to sustained speed, and with a few seats that collect well to the body without compromising comfort.


Sports of all kinds in the Parador of Sigüenza

The caravan of Sixters, which at times reached nearly 40 vehicles, gradually comes to its intermediate destination.

Each participant arrives at your pace to the first point of regrouping at the entrance to the parador where we enjoyed a snack. The Parador de Sigüenza is a medieval castle of XII century built on a roman settlement, this imposing building was the residence of bishops and kings. Here the stones speak of history, tradition and legend.

at The weekend as the hostel was full of curious if the PArador is not a claim by itself, now a concentration of sporting is located in a parking garage in a privileged place right in the entrance with the walls of the castle as a witness. To pass unnoticed is impossible.

final Destination: Aerodrome of Garray


6to6 Airport Challengue Madrid 2016, the Nissan GT-R AsproR was the fastest

Another route for a couple of hours by the road waiting for us the end point of the route and accompanied accompanied on this occasion by The beauty and The beast, our final destination is the Aerodrome of Garray, in the province of Soria.

After lunch, we enjoyed activities of acceleration, to see what are able to the beasts participants squeezing their capabilities in a safe and controlled environment.

we were Also able to enter a small circuit of skill behind the wheel delimited by cones, where we could link bends at high speed on dry asphalt and wet. To finish off a day of excellent, at the end of the same, we exchange our Nissan Z a Nissan GT-R which we were able to enjoy until the end of the day.


There are so many people admiring the GT-R that he barely recognizes in the picture

meanwhile, many curious and fans of the motor world crowded to follow the activity of these sports today visited the quiet region of Garray. And us, as we could not do it another way, we share our Godzilla with all of them. No one wanted to leave without your photo.