6to6 Europe Tour 2016, follow our adventure live

This year, it is a very special moment, arrives the 10th Anniversary of the 6to6, and for this reason has organized a tour through the most emblematic places in Europe that will concentrate all the essence of what has been and is 6to6.

6to6 something more than engine event: a way of life

The next Sunday, June 5, begins the European Tour of the 6to6. It is a week full of experiences behind the wheel with activities and routes that go from the green Hell to Monte carlo, passing through the Black Forest or the Pass of the Stelvio.

of course, the participants will also be able to visit museums and factories related to the motor world. Because we are lucky, we will be able to tell you all the activities to detail.


Detail of lettering for our Lexus RC F

Engine.it will participate in the 6to6 Europe Tour 2016

This year, in engine.is we do not want to miss the 10 year anniversary of that is the community of car owners and sports fans with more activity of our country and we will participate with Lexus is amazing adventure.

we are Going to tell you through our profile official Facebook and our Twitter account, all of the activities that we will be doing, so if you want to see something in particular just to interact with us.


6to6 Europe tour 2016, our route.

Follow our adventure on board the Lexus RC F

With an adventure of this level ahead, our mount could not disappoint. This is a Lexus RC F: by out a bundle exotic with a few lines of style unique inside and a warm red interior with fine materials, gives us the welcome.

Under the hood it hides a naturally aspirated engine V8 477 CV that is transferred to the rear wheels, and allows you to reach 100 km/h in 4`in 5 seconds from a standing start and to run at a maximum speed of up to 270 km/h.

official figure Lexus RC F Luxury
maximum Speed 270 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 4,5 sec
Engine/ Power 5.0 V8 477 CV
maximum Torque 530 Nm / 4.800-5.600 rpm
average Consumption 10.5 liters/100 km
Price from 102.700,00 eur

In this timeline you will be able to continue our adventure of more than 2,000 km in the following 7 days. Don’t miss:

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