6to6 Motor is of anniversary: the community of owners of sports most important of Spain celebrates 10 years

A decade. The community of owners of sports cars most important in Spain meets a 10-year history. The boys of 6to6 Motor are anniversary, and in Engine.is we want to give you the congratulations on joining this important celebration of the tenth birthday celebrating all “sixters“.

Founded in Barcelona in the year 2006, the community 6to6 has evolved to become what it is today, much more than a group of people who organize and enjoy events, but rather an important amount of fans for the car industry to follow the same life-style environment to the sports car.

6to6 Motor celebrates its tenth anniversary

The initial purpose with which it was founded community 6to6motor, was able to organize an event, a pioneer and an alternative for owners of cars of high performance.

today, 6to6 is recognized as “a brand” and with a plan of activities, annual statements among the Spanish fans of sports car.


Photography during the route Cal├žotada

Not all communities of drivers are able to reach ten years of age. Quite possibly, one of the major factors that have led to 6to6 the power to blow the ten candles your birthday cake is the amazing and superb atmosphere that is created in the dating that organizes and each time come more participants.

What kind of activities are organized 6to6 Motor?

currently in their calendar of events includes all kinds of days of driving and unique activities related to the world of the engine, although the cuisine and visits to natural attractions or routes known among motorists, of all kinds of difficulties, also form part of the DNA of this brand. North, South, coast, mountain, one or several days.

Launched in aerodrome, weekend excursions and european tours

During its early years, it had organized events at the national level, in cities such as San Sebastian, Santander and Seville. In 2011 was born the “Europe Tour”, where sixters began to travel in different european countries in paths targeted to live unique experiences related to the world of automotive.


currently, the community 6to6 Motor has more than 2,200 members.

6to6 Motor reinforces its leadership year after year

From 10 years ago and appointment after appointment has been enshrined as the community of owners and fans with more extensive panorama car national. Currently, the community is formed by more than 2,200 members owners of sports vehicles.

To sign up to your events you have to enter in their official website 6to6motor.com and fill out a form with your personal data. In this way inform us of your activities on our e electric along with instructions on how to sign on to each event, but oh no the places of the events are limited! They want to ensure a great experience and not lose your style by increasing the volume of enrollees.

In Engine.is we have had the opportunity to participate in numerous events organized by the community, “sixter”, such as the recent 6to6 Europe Tour 2016 in which we toured a large part of the old continent at the wheel of a Lexus RC F, which has been a real privilege.


I Remember the 6to6 Europe Tour 2016