6to6 Tour Costa del Sol: today we are sixters with the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43

Today we expect a day quite moved, 6to6 has chosen the Costal del Sol for the last event of the season and we have not wanted to let pass the opportunity of enfundarnos the monkey sixter and to accompany them on a weekend that is very, very interesting. The plan points to ways: sites idyllic from Marbella to Ronda, road of dreams, a visit to the Ascari circuit and a Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 of rigorous debut as a mount… do you accompany Us in our adventure as sixter for a day?


Forget about clubs and meetings elitist, you can be sixter and enjoy among friends with your sports

6to6 Tour Costal del Sol started on Friday and culminated on Sunday, but the dish strong, in the day that we all had written down in the agenda, was the Saturday, July 16. This Saturday met a cocktail perfect performance, site only, dating, dining, and many friends to celebrate. 6to6 is not a club to use, since your philosophy is most similar to a large family that wants to enjoy their cars, than to that of an elitist club that only aims to show off their machines and little more.

6to6-costa-del-sol-clavero-0716-021-mdmAre the 07:00 Saturday morning and the alarm clock rings, the first 5 seconds slow in reacting, but soon my subconscious I manufactured a summary of what awaits me that day and I wake up with a jump. I have an AMG in the garage, it is A AMG which is a premiere in Spain! and just 15 minutes after I’m already waking up to the 367-HP Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 that awaits you in the garage to begin the journey. The noise generated by this AMG when you wake up in the cold it is spectacular, but yeah, I think my neighbors are starting to get fed up with the bellows mañaneros.

6to6-costa-del-sol-clavero-0716-019-mdmMy first destination is the hotel The Westin la Quinta Golf where the bulk of the sixters who came from different corners of the country arrived on Friday. Here is also where we conduct the briefing prior to the commencement of the route, a route that will take us from this hotel to the Ascari circuit crossing the great road A-397 where the almost 30 cars assembled will form a caravan of film. During the briefing with Marcos Piñero as the master of ceremonies since the rise of the first shafts and jokes, and is that the day promises battles very interesting circuit.

6to6-costa-del-sol-clavero-0716-018-mdmit Comes time to get underway and the roar of the exhaust begins to be important. There is everything from a Lamborghini Gallardo to the Audi R8, going for a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Nissan GT-R 2017, BMW M4, McLaren MP4-12C and even a Porsche 911 R right out of the oven. For all tastes, the offer of sports is important, and all are willing to squeeze their horses before the demanding Ascari. Fire up the caravan and put me in 4th position with the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43, and yes, I’m covered with this Mercedes convertible blue, but soon they will begin to understand that it’s not going to be as easy as they believed the follow me… and is that the seals AMG this car are more than simple anagrams.


A perfect plan for any petrolhead: performance, paths of dream, free circuit and stays and first class cuisine

After a route for the highway that joins San Pedro of Alcántara with Round, of the most beautiful in Spain for this type of routes – I recommend her to all of our readers -, we met the whole entourage at a gas station located a few hundred meters from the entrance to Ascari. The goal is to fill the tanks before we get rolling, but soon this congregation becomes a show and all who pass by the gas station they take out their phones to immortalize the moment. The zip is amazing, and they are also many fans that recognize our SLC and we will confirm that come after learning of the event by motor.

6to6-costa-del-sol-clavero-0716-027-mdma Few minutes later I return to be on the road and we turned to enter the Ascari circuit. Once again we are preparing a briefing, but this time it gets the serious thing and are the instructors of the school of Ascari which give us indications about the circuit, the safety regulation and the basic notions to achieve the desired perfect line. A theory class is very brief, but of the most instructive that I have ever received. Ascari is a real temple, all what we are here what we know, is a long circuit and demanding, but your level of enjoyment is only comparable to its level of difficulty. A server is not the first time that wheel here, but today I’m going to roll with a car that I have never been on the track and rivals of quite size. It’s not going to be easy, but yes very funny.

6to6-costa-del-sol-clavero-0716-009-mdmNothing more to finish the briefing, we enfundamos helmets and the first cars we put ourselves behind a car hare of the school of Ascari. The objective is to understand the circuit in the early laps, taking references, and heat the whole machinery. Today we find a Sun of righteousness, and some wind, but the team Ascari has made a deployment of cones perfect, marking drawn, braking points, rotation, acceleration… so everything is much more simple and in just a few minutes we have light green and sank the gas pedal to the background.

6to6-costa-del-sol-clavero-0716-007-mdmIn a later article I shall speak at length of the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43, there is much to tell, but to whet your appetite, I can anticipate that with this car so we could move in a time of 2:44 minutes, nothing wrong if we take into account that a Ferrari 458 Italia rides around the 2:30. Were almost 2 hours circuit… and believe me that 120 minutes they give for a lot of fun.


Our car: Mercedes-AMG SLC 43, 367 HP, 4.7 s for the 0-100 Km/h and a magnificent set-to-point valid to win in Ascari and after walking to Puerto Banus

With the adrenaline rush still in full swing, is turn to go to Ronda where we expect the next stop for the 6to6 Tour Costa del Sol. The sixter have chosen the esplanade of the plaza de toros de Ronda to park there all of our cars. As you can imagine that it becomes a true car show in a matter of seconds, a place where all that there, they are swirling to see how we got on. Our stop dining is in the Parador of Ronda just a few metres from the car park and there, between laughter and anecdotes, we talked about how it was those quick turns. Would need another post just to tell how much you gave those 2 hours circuit.

6to6-costa-del-sol-clavero-0716-025-mdmWith the Sun illuminating the Tajo de Ronda, and the food is already finished, the sixter we return to the car park and we began to awaken to the machines. Have spent about two hours since we arrived from Ascari and still the volume of people making photos in this parking improvised is important.

6to6-costa-del-sol-clavero-0716-026-mdmThe next point of our route is free to decide whether to rest or to continue descubrendo the area descapotado (my plan for if some doubted), but the caravan of 6to6 will meet again at 20:30 in the direction of Puerto Banus where you will start the final stage for this tour by the Costal del Sol. Night marbella awaits us, the sports are counted by the dozens wherever you look, and we we have put the finishing touch to a day of high performance with a dinner on the beach in the restaurant Of the Mar at the Hotel Puente Romano. Does anyone give more?

I have Not the slightest doubt, I want to be a sixter.