7 cars with over 250 HP, for less than 35,000 euros: o power low-cost for all!

What would you ask to the three Kings? I ask them to hire more passionate, and fun for the future, not to empty my bank account by the way. If the budget of your “majesties” is less than 35,000 euros, do not despair: you do not have why to renounce to a good performance or a good dose of sportiness. What do they have in common the 7 cars from this list? All of them have more than 250 HP, all of them are passionate and all of them will put a smile on the face. You can already have behaved exceptionally well.

1) Nissan 370Z Coupé: 32.900 eur, 328 HP

there Are few cars in the market like the Nissan 370Z. A sports of the of truth, with all its flavour and authenticity.

Is also the winner of our comparative “The 10 cars with the best relationship euro/horse market”, and it deserves the first place of this list. For a price comparable to that of a compact premium diesel will take home one of the cars special in the market. A car equipped with a V6 engine, maximum power of 3.7 liters with 328 HP is channeled to a rear-wheel drive through a manual gearbox. It sounds great, is as or more beautiful as the day it was released and attracts all eyes. Just the round a.


2) Honda Civic Type R: 34,500 persons € 310 HP

The Honda Civic Type R is a compact sports very radical, in which the points of your driving suffer a constant danger.

The current king of the compact sports. Is the car front-wheel-drive faster in one lap at Nurburgring with times less than supercars of height and six-figure price. It is a car whose engine 2.0 i-VTEC Turbo develops 310 HP and is only available with a manual gearbox. Fortunately – as I’ve found out first-hand – Honda has not neglected the sensations to his steering wheel, leaving aside the comfort and the fuel consumption. All compact sporty that pretends to be looking at the Type R as a reference.


3) SEAT Lion SC Cupra 290: 33.600 euros, 290 HP

Your version of five-door sells for 33.950 euro, and its version family ST costs 34.700 euros.

SEAT Leon Cupra is another of the compact sport’s fastest time. Some months ago I had the pleasure to try during a week its version of 280 HP, and although it is not as radical as other offerings in the segment, his character “Dr. Jekill – Mr. Hyde” is interesting. Although a server prefer the radical, uncompromising, the Cupra convinces me: it combines a hand friendly, comfortable and sensible with one of the best put to the point of the segment, coupled to an engine of 290 HP that still being a pump, is controllable.


4) Opel Astra OPC: 30.350 € 280 HP

Within the B-segment, the Opel Corsa OPC of 210 HP also has a very competitive price.

A new generation of Opel Astra is already circulating on the streets, and there will be a version OPC high-performance. Until then, this is an excellent opportunity to be done by 30.350 euros with one of the current Astra OPC, which still retain a powerful engine 2.0 turbo with 280 HP and features that correct. Is only available with three-door body, which could drive out some. Even so, it is a price to consider to a car that just left a few months in the market.


5) Renault Megane Coupe RS: 28.950 € 275 HP

The compact three-door are in clear danger of extinction. The new Mégane RS will not be available with this body.

Renault Mégane Coupé RS is one of the heroes of front-wheel drive the Green Hell, and has competed hard with the Honda Civic Type R for the lap record for front wheel drive vehicles. Again, it is a car to the limits of its commercial life, but which retains a set point sensational with a turbocharged two-liter really explosive. Like the Opel Astra OPC, is available only with three-door body and manual gearbox. One of the latest compact sports of the past generation.


6) Peugeot 308 GTi: 32.700 euros, 270 HP

a car Is relatively discrete, your mother-in-law will not be aware that spirit badass you are.

Peugeot 308 GTi is one of the compact sport that also I was able to test in circuit. What I was able to drive in a Jarama wet and slippery, but I assure you that its potential is very high. Your turbo engine of 270 HP and 1.6-liter is very tight, and of series equipped with a self-locking mechanical. With a weight of only 1.270 kg the best weight-to-power of all the compact sport-front-wheel-drive, as well as a tune-up, very playful. Your version of 250 HP costs 29.900€.


7) Ford Focus ST 2.0 Turbo: 29.125 euro, 250 HP

If you prefer your body family Sportbreak you’ll pay 30.075 euros, 950 euros on the hatchback.

The Ford Focus ST is one of the compact sport more affordable on the market. After washing face, its tuning has been revised, and their behavior understeer would have been corrected. The engine 2.0 Ecoboost in the Ford Focus ST develops 250 HP, and although it is slightly slower than its rivals, continues to be a compact sporty with all the letters. It is also available in body family, and as a good vehicle prestacional, Ford does not offer it with an automatic change. Of this list, only SEAT and Nissan is offering it as an option.


Ball extra: the Opel Insignia with all-wheel drive and an engine 2.0 turbo 250 HP is on sale for 31.780 eur. This list is focused on sports cars, being the Opel Insignia a saloon of traditional cut and are therefore excluded. All in all, it has an excellent quality-price ratio in its segment.

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