7 reasons why the carbon fiber rims of the Shelby Mustang GT350R are the future

fad, or a preview of the future of the automobile? Ford claims that the carbon fiber rims change the rules. Maybe in a few years, sooner than we think, aluminum wheels of our cars longer become the standard to make way for new tires that will be assembled in carbon fiber. There is still a significant barrier to advocate for their mass marketing, and disadvantages such as price, the challenge of production and so on. But the advantages are so many and so important, perhaps begin to see as many sports begin to equip series tire carbon fiber to be giving way, slowly, to be introduced into more modest cars. We talked about advantages such as weight, performance, quality or impact resistance. And these are 6 Ford gives us clues to defend swashbuckling using carbon fiber wheels on the new Mustang Shelby GT350R .

Shelby GT350R Mustang. “The most capable Mustang ever built circuit”

1. For it is always good to be first in something . Ford is proud that the new Shelby Mustang GT350R is equipped with carbon fiber rims become the first vehicle produced in large numbers in use. So if you understand that a sports coupe, licensed street circuit approach, and a production that in its first year, edition 2015, will be limited to 37 units, is a vehicle produced in large numbers. Recall that Koenigsegg has offered this technology in their hiperdeportivos, which in any case are much more limited and expensive.

2. Save weight, the highest priority . Ford tells us, the wheels carbon fiber Mustang Shelby GT350R are almost half as heavy as if they had been molded aluminum. We talk about a saving of between 6 and 7 kg. Ford claims created as a lightweight wheels that had to recalibrate the chassis, and the MagneRide system to suit the speed at which the tire responded to the uneven surface.


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3. Best answer . The benefits of a lighter wheels are not limited to weight savings in the aggregate of a car, but how effective is this saving elements as tires are not supported by the suspensions own. That done, inter alia, to improve performance, agility, ability to accelerate and brake by reducing rotational inertia, and their ability to deal with land with irregularities.

4. Why they are more resistant . One of the big questions that surely will generate the knowledge that the wheels of our cars could switch from using aluminum to do the same with carbon fiber, is undoubtedly its strength. Ford says the “recipe” that has been used Carbon Revolution – its partner in the development and production of these tires – is tougher than aluminum. To test it, they would have done tests as hard as impact tests against curbs, where the aluminum had broken. Evidence to demonstrate that your tires are stiffer.

Shelby GT350R Mustang 5. For their quality and durability are fully guaranteed . Fade own carbon fiber, each tire will have a chip on which its reference number will be. A “policy” of insurance in the event of any problems evidenced rim. According to Ford, Carbon Revolution performed 61 quality testing parameters and registers 246,000 each tire before it reaches the customer. He also is inspected by X-ray to make sure there is no mistake. [1.99901 million]

6. For carbon fiber just cool . Who does not like driving a sports knowing that her spoiler, the hood, the roof, or seat on which it rests, are built in carbon fiber?

Source: Ford
In motor: Shelby GT350R Mustang. “The most capable Mustang ever built circuit”


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