7 tips to prevent heat wave send your car to the garage

The heat wave has us fried. And in the same way that our bodies suffer one of the toughest summer starts this humble juntaletras remember intense heat creates a host of problems in our cars problems that Sometimes you can avoid or at least mitigate. According to RACE , in recent weeks, coinciding with successive heat waves that have lived in Spain, its roadside assistance have increased by 59.6% over the same period in 2014. The issues that most They have increased in recent weeks are those that are closely linked with high temperatures. In any case, those related to tires and batteries are still the most common. 7 Tips What can continue to avoid problems this summer?

According to RACE incidents during recent heat waves have increased by 59.6%, especially those related to temperature, such as problems with the coolant (+ 160%) and motor overheating (+100%).

1. Check the fluids before you leave home . A proper oil level is essential for proper engine cooling and avoid problems on the road. And check the coolant expansion bottle. It is a move that can travel before leaving (be practiced in cold), only it takes a few minutes and can save you much trouble. According to RACE cases where some vehicles have suffered problems due to lack of coolant in recent heat waves have increased 160%.
2. Practice a less aggressive driving . Avoid being rough with the accelerator and the brake, the engine to overheat and rubbing pads generates more heat that endangers cooling and shorten its life.


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3. Heed witnesses temperature . Alert to any computer onboard engine or notice of failure to reach thermostats overheats, stop as soon as possible and advises assistance. Overheating can lead to really serious damage to your car. According to RACE cases of engine have doubled over the past heat waves.
4. Monitor the condition of the tires . The tire wear and the problems generated by a tire damaged or underinflated, increase the heat. A tire with very low pressures are more likely to suffer a blowout and performance are significantly reduced, down to dangerous situations if the pressure is below certain limits. Check the pressure of your tires just takes a few minutes and can save you much trouble. Punctures and blowouts are still the most common occurrence that has to meet the RACE .
5. stubble Beware! In the summer we often love to go out of country escape, spend a day on the river, camping and so on. Never, ever !, park your car on an area that collects stubble, weeds or dry leaves on the ground. Under our car there elements that get very hot, especially on routes that are usually carried out at low speed (for example, overcome some obstacles off-road with SUV ), and summer temperatures. And elements as the catalyst or the exhaust pipe in contact with the dried plant matter, can cause severe forest fires that endanger not only our car, but the population of the area. Very careful with this.

ola-de-calor-01-1440px 6. Make sure the air conditioning is working properly , not only because you avoid travel without air conditioning, with uncomfortable it is, but also because some elements of the air conditioning working jointly with those responsible for your engine cooling , and the first problem may show a greater problem in seconds. Try not to force your air conditioner. If your car has been for hours in the sun, it is preferable to open the windows and doors a few minutes before beginning a trip for the temperature to soften, to connect the air conditioner to maximum performance for a long time for the interior to cool .
7. Prevent your car reaches high temperatures and atenĂșala when possible . Even before all this advice is the truism, that of avoiding that our car suffers the consequences of heat (try to park in the shade, or indoors). Use parasols, if your car is in a private room or under your visual surveillance, and keep the windows open a few centimeters to mitigate the greenhouse effect inside.

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