700,000 SEAT vehicles affected by the scandal of emissions of Volkswagen Group

After other Volkswagen Group brands, SEAT announced how many of their vehicles are affected by the scandal Dieselgate. Nothing less than 700,000 cars globally , all equipped with engines 1.6 TDI or 2.0 TDI family EA189 . 700,000 vehicles have falsified their emissions in the laboratory. By the time many of these cars were sold is unknown in Spain, but given the strength of the brand in our country, we do not talk just of a few thousand cars.

Check the list of vehicles covered by the scandal Dieselgate Volkswagen Group.

The figure has known this morning, with the full breakdown of the number of affected vehicles sold primarily between 2009 and 2015. Speaking globally, Audi has affected 2.1 million cars in talking Skoda 1, 2 million cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has sold 1.8 million vehicles affected, in SEAT speak of 700,000 units and Volkswagen takes the cake: Complete with 5.2 million cars the Total 11 million engines EA189 affected by this scandal.

seat-martorell-2 All brands belonging to the Volkswagen Group have ordered the arrest of the few sales of affected vehicles still present in stock in its Spanish dealer network. A measure which as anticipated this morning is not disastrous and would have little effect on company accounts: we speak of only 3,320 units . These vehicles will be – with the 11 million outstanding. – Waiting for a solution in the form of call to review remedy the existence of the famous defeat device

The Volkswagen Group is developing a technical solution for the cars affected.

From SEAT recall that has not yet issued a verdict on the failure of the Euro 5 emissions standards by these vehicles, but the consensus in the industry gives it almost for granted. As you know, SEAT has not sold any motor vehicle TDI affected US – Where the scandal originated in the engine 2.0 TDI – but has sold its units in practically all of Europe and select export markets in America, North Africa or the Middle East.


Do I have a SEAT affected? What should I do?

To find out if your car is affected, see the list of affected vehicles that have published. We can anticipate that if you have a 1.6 TDI or 2.0 TDI – both common-rail – and you bought it in 2009 and just weeks ago, chances are that it is affected . But do not worry, for now you can use your car with complete normality and its operation does not have any risk to your safety and occupant. SEAT and the Volkswagen Group are seeking a solution .

A solution of course is free for owners, but force them to go through a dealer. SEAT soon enable a search engine on its website where customers can check whether your vehicle is affected . At the moment, this search is not operational, nor is for any of the brands affected. Since SEAT also clarifies that any vehicle Euro6 its current range is completely legal. The Euro6 units have only started selling a few weeks ago.

Source: Europa Press
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